Saturday, October 09, 2010

Our Fall Camping Trip....

For years now we have went camping with several families....    

Our children have grown up together.....    now our younger children are making forever friendships.

We will go tomorrow afternoon and stay 2 nights ....  maybe 3 nights.   We will tent camp.  We do have a pop-up but it is not in great shape....  so the last few times we have tent camped.   We do take twin mattresses off the bunk beds and use those.   I am too old to sleep on the ground anymore... 

We will have three or four other families camping with us ... maybe more.  Sometimes others come for the day.... or to have supper.  We always have a camp fire and several play the guitar and we sing...  we always roast marshmellows...    oh and SMORES! The kids play capture the flag and sardines.

                          This was last week after the Sea Turtle Center.

The moms and I will walk each morning...  the trails are beautiful.   I have my two books that I want to finish while I am there~ "I Will Carry You"  and "Radical."   It is very peaceful and I do love the time to just relax and visit with the moms and spend some time with the kids. 

We try to go in October and  March.  The weather is suppose to be around 60 at night and almost 90 in the days.... that is a little hot for us ... but not too cold at night!

Keep praying for Mandi....  her and Maurine are together this weekend....   and hopefully Mandi will be able to visit the Compassion Project in Nairobi.

~ grab hold of the moment cause tomorrow it will be a memory~

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