Saturday, October 02, 2010

The last week.....

One week ago I took my oldest daughter to the airport to fly to Kenya.  Since then it has been crazy around here. Wesley's playing football and his first game was today.... so this past week he had practice twice....  plus church on Wednesday and a field trip on Thursday to the Georgia Sea Turtle Center & UGA Tideland Center on Jekyll Island.  Last night my husband took me out for my birthday.....  yes, I turned 49 on Thursday.   

This next week looks just as busy....   did I  tell you that I do not do well with BUSY.  We have games on Monday & Thursday night.   Our group home school meeting on Monday,  dentist appts. on Wednesday and church....  

BUT ... I love this weather. 

Today we were at the football fields for Wesley's first game....

He really is/was cute in his football uniform on the field....  he is our youngest but our first to play football.  We play some rec. sports... mainly baseball but we do not get all into it because in Georgia you have to attend public school to play jr/high school sports.  Our goal is to home school throughout highschool....... so we have always played sports real low keyed.  Plus we live about 23 miles from any town (church, walmart, library... etc).  and it takes so much time away from being home. 

It was nice today....  and football will be over November 4th so that isn't too long. 

**update on Mandi~ she is good. Settling into the orphanage...  she is seeing poverty up close and personal and struggling some...if you will continue to pray for her.... she will be there all of October maybe longer.  We are hoping she may be able to visit a Compassion Project but not sure if that will happen. I will keep you posted on her. I can call into Kenya but it is expensive so I limit my time, plus the connection is not too good. When she goes to the "market" or someone comes to visit the village with a laptop we can skype but that doesn't happen very often.   

May you be blessed this weekend....  May you bring glory and honor to Him...
To God be the glory....


  1. You sure have a happy looking football player. And happy birthday to you. I hope you had a great one. Praying for your Mandi. That is wonderful you get to skype with her. What a blessing that must be having her so far away.

    Have a blessed sabbath.

  2. I actually miss my boys playing football. Since they are seven years apart we had lots of years to enjoy it (o:
    Glad things are going well in Kenya for you daughter.
    Happy BD!!!