Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Turtles... turtles... Sea Turtles.

We are studying sea turtles this week.  On Thursday we will go to the Georgia Sea Turtle Center for a field trip.  The boys think this is great.  They each have a little rubber turtle that Amber gave them. They chose names for each of theirs.  Crush & Squirt~  can you guess what movie that is from.  Today they chose what kind of turtle they would be.  Wesley's turtle Squirt is a Loggerhead and Wyatt's turtle Crush is a Green turtle.
They journalled about their turtle and drew a picture.  I bought one of those eggs that you put in water and then it grows and the turtle breaks open the egg.  They watch to see how far the turtle is peeking out. We will read Nim's Island...   we love the movie. 

Aren't they cute? I want to make some treats that look like turtles...   or a craft.  Any ideas out there? The book is "Do you know where Sea Turtles Go?" It is a great book, I bought it when we were in Destin this summer. We were able to meet the author and take our picture with him.

The weather is beautiful here in South Georgia.  It was about 65 degrees when I walked this morning.  I love this time of year.  Time to bake pumpkin bread and smell the yankee harvest candles.

Happy Fall~

Just a quick update on Mandi.  She is now at the orphanage. She is happy and excited. The team leader (the one here in the states) talked to them late last night and Mandi said "Tell my Mom that I am great and I am holding babies."  Thank you all for praying. Will continue to update as I know.


  1. What fun to study with those adorable turtles Teena!
    Your weather sounds delightful. Ours has gotten so much better too. The heat and humidity were blown away by a cool front - bliss!
    So glad you sweet girl is doing well. I'll be praying for her.

  2. Those turtles are cute! The sea turtle center should be great! They keep track of where they lay their eggs here at the beach. It is neat!

    I love Mandi's commment - I am holding babies! What a great heart she has!

    The weather is wonderful here!