Tuesday, September 14, 2010

One of THOSE days....

If you will click on my playlist and listen to the song title

"Desert Song"

my daughter in law... Amber showed it to me a few months ago. I have been listening to it today.

Just one of those days.....

when all that is within feels dry.....

this is my prayer in the fire......

I will bring praise
I will bring praise
no weapon formed against me shall remain
I will rejoice
I will declare God is my victory and He is here...

this is my prayer in the battle
when triumph is still on the way
I am a conqueror and co-heir with Christ.

All of my life
in every season
you are still God
I have a reason to sing
I have a reason to worship

Thank you for stopping by....

1 comment:

  1. I like this song too! I really like seing the words as I listen to a song as well, it makes me really see picture of what I am sometimes singing without seeing what those words are. Words are so powerful!!