Friday, September 10, 2010

Follow with me....

I forgot to say in the post below that the bottom pictures are of the NEW Children of the World WEST team. We went to see them this past Sunday. We cried. Remembering last years children, missing them.... but this years children embraced us and us them. They were very thankful to see us.

Please click on the links.... read about the Compassion Bloggers and what they are experiencing in Guatemala. My heart breaks open.

I am following each blogger and reading their stories..... please take the time to read ... I know you will be blessed.

Ann's blog Sept. 10, 2010~

Ann's blog Sept. 9, 2010~ This will touch you in such a mighty way... she meets her sponsored child!

Lisa-Jo's blog Sept. Sept. 10 2010~

One of the many things that hit me hard was this statement made by Ann.

"Maybe we only have to look in our mirrors and ask the of the faces there, ask of the way we invest our money, ask of how we live and spend and steer our lives:

is this about Jesus' name?

Or the comfort and ease and furthurance of mine." ~ Ann Voskamp

Please follow the Compassion Bloggers.... and if you will open your heart and change a life by sponsoring a child from Compassion International.....

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  1. We are so truly blessed here in America. My husband likes to say, like George off of It's a Wonderful Life...."I wish I had a million bucks!" He says it all the time. But not for himself, but so he himself, can bless those who have less.

    Even a little goes a long way!!