Thursday, September 16, 2010

Feels like Fall....

When I went on my walk this morning it was 70 degrees here. The air felt crisp. It was so nice.

We are excited about fall.... I put up all our beach decorations..... and took out my fall ones.

We put a badminton net up and the kids played a game.... but at 3 in the afternoon it was already too hot.... and bright! They couldn't see the birdie~ (as you can see they are in shorts!)

Wes our youngest is playing pee wee football. This is our first to play football. I am not real crazy about it. We do not do much organized sports. For lots of different reasons.... one being we live 23 miles from the town we go to church, play sports, shop.... in. Wesley really wanted to so we will try it this time. My husband is really excited.... Wes is too. This week he started practice~ three times a week! ~whew.... They take it so seriously....

oh wait this was suppose to be a "fall" post. Hope you are starting to see a little "fall-ish weather" in your part of the world today.


  1. I love your fall decorations! I have the same candle holder!

    I love fall as well, we are starting to have the windows open in the morning, but close them right after lunch before it gets too hot!


  2. We're still looking longingly for a bit of fall here Teena. It takes its time coming to south Texas. I really like your fall decorations - so cheerful.
    Our kids all were involved in sports. It takes a lot of dedication - by them and by Mom and Dad - but we always really enjoyed it. There are some friday nights I feel sad we don't have football games to go to any more :-)

  3. Love your fall decor, Teena!! I'm just starting my collection. Picked up two $1 mini scarecrows at Walmart for the yard. Fall is a beautiful time of year!!

  4. It has been crazy warm here... so I know it is fall and I have some leaves down to prove it...but still really warm