Thursday, August 12, 2010

This year makes 20.... pt. 2

Through the years we have used lots of different things. We do use Abeka for our phonics program. It is what has worked for us. I do not skip around because I think with the early years of learning to read they need to stick with one program. Each one is different and I have had to take it really slow with a few and then others went really fast.

I also start off with Abeka math again, it works for us. We may use different ones through the years but we start with that one.

From there it gets really crazy. I have tweaked it through the years. I am still learning but ... I do have my favorites.

She now has nature journals to go with each Zoology book... and we are very excited.

We read a lot, read aloud and do unit studies from time to time.

Home School Share is a great place to find lots of notebook pages, FREE unit studies and other wonderful resourses!

Several things we do every year is our devotion time. When the boys were toddlers we called it our circle time. This is the time we read aloud, pray, sing.... and practice our LONG passage memorization. We are reading several books. The list is on the side bar on the right.

We do try to have a picnic in the woods a couple times a year, we do school outside some.... we take nature walks.

Some years have been harder than others.... but all and all... it works for us. It is just a way of life. I am thankful God allows me to stay at home and teach my children. It is truly a gift from Him.

At church last night the boys were asked by a couple of the children....

"why do you like to be home schooled?"

Wyatt's reply "Cause I get to spend more time with my mom."

Wesley's reply "Cause some days we do not have to do school!"

Guess that sums it up..... not really but for today it is.


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