Friday, August 13, 2010

This & That....

From time to time.... I just have a bunch of things in my head and going on so I just call it "this & that." Maybe a better title would be "My Ramble Post."

Recently I was able to FINALLY get high speed internet. YAY! I also have a new mini hp laptop. The high speed internet is only on this laptop. Our area here does not have high speed so we have to go through either verizon or some cable network. Yes, the cost is a bit higher but ... we have weighed the cost and this is the one that works for now.

Along with a new laptop and high speed ..... comes EVERYONE wanting to TRY it out. I find myself on here MORE now... looking at all the places that would never load on our dial up!

I was reading yesterday over at Epic Church and it really hit home with me....

"with the demanding lives we lead, the optional robs the essential, the unimportant attacks the neccessary. If I continue to fund the frivolous with time, money and energy, there will be little remaining for that which matters most. And so I am on a mission to simplify my life."

The other day I was talking to a young mom on the phone. She has three small children ages 7 and under. She loves being a stay at home mom and loves loves loves being with her children. They do not home school and she was telling me how she was so sad that summer was over..... we talked for a little while but it has been several days and I can still hear her words.

"I want to be with my kids, I miss them... I love being with them.... I know before long this time will be gone. They grow up so fast and I want to just enjoy every minute with them!"

I have been guilty of NOT grabbing hold of every minute.... you know while I play on my new laptop ... letting them watch a movie (not a BAD movie!), or play wii.... NOT enjoying every minute with them....

really.... blogging is good.... fun.... and encouraging but not when it robs the essential!

At Downtown Disney this past July when we went to visit Mike, Amber & my sister. (Rick/Christie too). Being pirates.... Dakota, Amber, Wyatt & Wesley.

So I am off to play with the kids..... and ENJOY every minute!

from last fall.... all four of my boys. Dakota in the air, Mike on trampoline, Wes with sword, Wyatt watching.

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  1. Yes, I agree with you! Time robbers are not bad in and fo themselves, but we can be consumed by them sometimes!

    I have really enjoyed slowing down and enjoying my kids through this illness and it has made me see we are going way to much and wasting a lot of time!