Monday, August 16, 2010

A Day in the Life of.....

our home .....

Today was our first day of school....

My little boys were very excited. Wyatt in 3rd & Wesley in 2nd. Alyssa in 7th and she was excited too but not as much as the boys. Dakota, my senior started last week .... his last year... not a lot to cover this year. He is also working now... he does all of his school on his own. I am just the "instructor" and really not much of that anymore. It amazes me how fast time goes. Seems like yesterday he was saying "I only have 4 more years of school left before college." Now, that time is almost up.... it is so true we really only have them for a short while.

We had a few kinks along the way.... about the time we started Mandi was leaving for classes and her tire on her car was very low so we had to stop and air it up.... then we were going good.... and dh told us that our long time friend, Franklin the gopher turtle was crossing the yard! Of course we all stopped ..... and by the time we made it out there he escaped to his home.... so then the boys and Alyssa start begging to go on a nature walk! Hello.... it is 100 degrees in south Georgia! We did a mini nature walk.... came in ... looked up gopher turtles in our "Fun with Nature" book. Talked about the snakes that live in gopher holes.

Anyway.... started back on our book work. After a little while... Wesley said "mom, do we have recess?" I told him that "we do indeed!" So while I worked with Alyssa ... Wyatt & Wesley had their first ever scavenger hunt! I told them to go find a flower, a bug and a leaf. They loved it!

We ended the day with our reading aloud time. We also studied our long passages of scripture. We have been memorizing John 1 for a couple of years. They know John 1:1-18 but we stopped for a long time so I want to start again. It is amazing to quote long passages of scripture. We have our Awana verses every week but I really like memorizing long passages.

Day 2 tomorrow..... I am tired.... a full day. I am thankful. So very thankful to be able to teach my children. You know when Dakota graduates next spring I will have three children finished with home schooling and three still home schooling.

Our guinea pig babies ... born on the 24th of July. They are so cute.


  1. Teena,
    We've started school already too. With all the crazy stuff going on we didn't get much done over the summer. And here I sit at our office looking at blogs while Steve is working--I'm just here in case he needs something. So school will be done this evening when I get home. We have to be pretty flexible.

    Just thought I'd pop in and say "HI" and let you know I've been thinking about you and your family!!


  2. You're doing an amazing job Teena!

  3. We start early in SC too, because the heat forces us indoors most days. I love starting early though becasue then we are done by spring and we spend all kinds of days outside doing such fun things!!

    Everyone look so happy!