Saturday, August 21, 2010

Even after all these years... I am still learning...

Finished our first week of school....

We had a few kinks along the way but all and all it was good.

After two days of school, my Wesley (7, 2nd grade) said "mom, when will we do our "Big Book" and sing the songs and do the motions?" I said "Wes, we are not doing that this year."

He was talking about "Heart of Dakota" curriculum. I called a friend that used it last year and had the level we would need, Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory. She still had it and I told her I would let her know if I wanted to buy it from her.

On Wednesday we were working on our school and again he said "when are we going to listen to that cd with the songs on it and do the little motions... it was fun?"
I let my friend know and she brought it all Wednesday night to church. It's truly amazing how fast everything came together. I had everything I needed to start except for one reader and another friend had that book... and she brought me that on Wednesday too.
On Thursday morning we started school.... with our Heart of Dakota curriculum! We made the earth on the floor of our living room with a big piece of yarn.... we took the seven continents (pieces of construction paper) and placed them on the earth. They would hop, crawl, jump to different continents.
We sang.... did the motions and Wesley said "This was fun..... THIS is what I meant, mom.... this school is fun!"
So after twenty years of home schooling.... I still make mistakes, still struggle at times.... as each child is different. I love learning right along with them.


  1. But you're working it all out and that's the main thing :)

  2. Oh yes, they love that kind of school!! What's wrong with us mom's.....aren't we ever any fun??

    I keep thinking that too, I've been doing this for 23 years now, when will I get it straight??


  3. That is the best kind of learning. My teen still sings her times tables to figur out the hard ones while doing algebra!