Wednesday, June 16, 2010

You really do matter....

I have blogged for years. Maybe since 2004? Several of you know me in real life (IRL)... and others I have never met face to face but have talked on the phone, facebook or email with. This cyberspace has made me connect with so many that I would of never connected with .... several have touched my life deeply. Yesterday was a year ago that I met Luke's mom~ Sue. I read Sue's blog.... in Sept. 2004. for the first time. We had talked on the phone several times, prayed for each other... but before all that we connected by her blog. I would read her blog daily.... sometimes several times daily and I would PRAY and I would comment. She lives on the pacific coast and I live on the Atlantic coast.... who would dream we would ever meet?

We did though. When we saw one another for the first time ... in person (we had seen pics) it was like we knew one another all along. Oh it was a little nerve racking but it was wonderful! We hugged and talked and talked and talked. We went to Kennesaw Mountain and walked around... we went to Cracker Barrel and had a late lunch, early supper~ and talked some more. I will always remember and cherish it.

Many others that I read often..pray for.... Cindy, Loni..... Angie, Ann... Linda, Jessica , Wendy, Kris, .... and the list goes on. Maybe one day we will meet ....

For about two weeks I have come to blog ... wanting to be "more real"~ more "honest" with all of you. I start sharing but the Lord takes me in a different path. So I go with it.

Through the years of my blogging I have gained such encouragement, love, wisdom, advice and friendship. I know that lots of you pray for me. I know that lots of you do not even know why you are praying but you pray. I am grateful.

God is faithful.... I am so thankful for my Savior. I am who I am today because of His great love for me. I am nothing without Him. I am the JOYFUL mother of children because He blessed me more than I could have ever imagined. He knew my name when He formed me in my mother's womb.... over 48 yrs ago. He knew before the foundation of the earth that I would be called mom by six children. He knows exactly how many grandchildren and great grandchildren I will have.... it is all in His hands. I am to trust....


  1. You have such a sweet spirit Teena. I have loved getting to see little glimpses of your life and your heart. If we never meet in this life, we can be confident that some day we will.

  2. Thank you for always encouraging ME on my blog. You are so sweet. I enjoy checking in on you too. Thank you for your edifying words.


  3. Yeah, meeting bloggy friends is extra special, I agree! Sounds like you had a delightful day!

    What a wise woman to go with the leading of the Lord. I always regret when I forge ahead of Him.


  4. I saw you on Cindy's blog and had to stop by and say HI. She is a friend of mine from many, many yrs ago and I love her to bits!

    I used to live in Ga and get that red dirt all over everything! I now live in Florida and have sand all over everything! lol At least the sand doesnt stain.

    I've enjoyed my time here tonight. Nice "meeting" you.


  5. Thank you Teena for your sweet comment. That is so cool that your father was also in the Navy during the war. I wonder if they knew each other!! What would the chances be?