Monday, June 14, 2010

..... and our days here.

Thank you for your comments. They mean lots and I appreciate your words of love and encouragement.

It is HOT here in South Georgia. I think the heat index is 110. I am staying inside... (I did walk early this morning and get in the pool) the kids are in the pool at the moment. Our air is running non-stop but it isn't as cool as I would like but so much better than no air at all!!!

We have had a busy busy last week. We had VBS all week last week... at night. I helped in crafts. On Tuesday morning I took Alyssa to our doctor for a place on her face. It was there for several weeks... about the size between a dime/nickel. He said it was a cyst and we could insert a needle and drain it but he wanted to try an antiboidic. We left went to fill the prescription and had a special time together. Just her and I. When we arrived home... I gave her one of the bactrim.. about an hour later her arms started hurting... then her chest... then nausea... then throwing up.... throwing up every 5 minutes... then spiked a fever. My dh picked her up and put her in the van and off I went to the ER. Yes, she had an allergic reaction. They gave her fluid and some steriods and benedryl to counter the reaction. We were there till around 11pm. I picked up my book "I will Carry You" by Angie Smith and read it while she was receiving the IV fluid. The fluids really helped... she kept down some sprite and they allowed us to come home. They wanted me to continue to give her the steroid and bendryl to counter the allergic reaction.

It took all week for her to "get over" it. She had severe joint/muscle aches. Even some pain STILL last night. Today is the first day she hasn't complained of "aching." It was scary and confusing trying to figure it all out.....


Today is a day at home....

We are having our reading time.... the boys did a math lesson today, we read "Mouse and the Motorcycle." We are doing "Character Qualities" with the kids. Today we started "Thankfulness." First thing this morning.... while Mandi was at school and Dakota at work... the three youngest kept arguing and fussing.... so they spent time in their beds.

Our chicks are growing and they are awesome to watch. I love seeing them early in the morning.

May you stay cool and make memories!


  1. What a frightening experience Teena. My Dad had an allergic reaction to penicillin many years ago. It was really bad. I'm so thankful she's doing better.
    The heat has settled in here too, but we have grown used to the long, hot summers. The winters make it all worth while :-)
    Enjoy these summer days with the kids!

  2. Scary! I seem to be visiting the ER a bit too much at times :-/ Praise the Lord for readily available Dr's and medicine!

    It's been humid here too. But I remember GA being much more humid than Iowa. I always look at the humidity as a time of cleansing, which I always need :-)