Saturday, June 19, 2010

Father's Day... remembering my Dad....

June 1997 Michael (Dad's oldest grandchild) and my Dad.

.... tomorrow is Father's Day~ I miss my Dad. He has been gone almost 3 yrs now. I still miss him. He called me "Cookie." Not all the times but sometimes. My mom died 10 months after him. Mom had been sick for 4 yrs.... was on oxygen all the time... had hip replacement. Dad was taking care of her. Well.... they were both in their mid. eighties. When Dad went into the hospital on his 83rd birthday .... none of us never thought he wouldn't ever come back to his house... his earthly home. Less than a week later.... he died.

my dad with Alyssa in August 2000.

Always close to my Dad. He was a great Papa. Simple man. Loved fruit cake.... enlisted in the Navy when he was 17. His mom had to sign for him to go in.... he was the fifth born in his family.... he lost his dad when he was 13. Fifth born like our Wyatt... who is named after my Dad... "Emory." Wyatt squatts like his Papa... and gets mad like his Papa. Wyatt was 5 and Wesley 4 when their Papa died. We still talk about him..... I still make the fruit cake that he loved. It was his mom's recipe (my grandmothers).

Wyatt (18 months) watching Papa sing to Wesley (3 wks old) August 2003.

I live in the town he was raised in. My grandmother told me they lived on the road I am on... before they moved into town. They would walk to the little church at the end of my road... but the preacher only came once a month.

I am so thankful for my Dad. He taught me so much. He enjoyed the simple things. He loved to fish.... love country music... always wished he could play the guitar (he did play a little)... his oldest two grandsons now play his guitars (in worship & fun). He loved Georgia..... where he was raised.. and where I am raising his grandchildren. He loved cream corn, cole slaw, fried fish, fried pork chops, boiled peanuts, fruit cake, pound cake... He was a southern boy... and met my mom who was a northern girl.... they were married 60 yrs when he died. Mom was italian and he did love her lasagna, spaghetti w/ the oil, rice & gizzards.... He loved letting the kids hammer nails... singing with them....

We miss him... we will talk about him tomorrow.... more than other days. I think I might go look at some of his pictures....

Wesley (his youngest grandchild) & my Dad... Christmas 2005

This pic is not that great... but I wanted to share... this is the last time my parents were at my home (in Georgia)~ Christmas 2005. They were leaving to go home and my Dad was warming the car before my mom got in... my little boys (Wyatt 3 & Wes 2) crawled up in the front sit with Papa. I love how he wore his hat crooked.

Thanks for letting me share. If your father, grandfather.... great grandfather is still living... tell them how thankful you are for them.... time goes so very fast.

Happy Father's Day, Dad~ your the best. I love you.

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