Monday, June 28, 2010

Through it all... He grows us....

Michael & Amber moved this past Saturday.....

Michael & Amber's house .... that they moved OUT of.... God blessed them with an awesome place as they started their marriage.... they were there 2.5 yrs. They have enjoyed it.... just in the last little while I could tell God was preparing them for "city" life.... last week Amber found a snake in the shower!

The back side of the little house.... awesome deck.
Kitchen.... Wesley sitting at the table and Wyatt behind him.... such a cute little cabin/house.

Several friends keep checking on me.... asking if I am ok. I am ok. I grew up in Orlando. After we were married for 2 yrs we moved to Georgia (little town my Grandma lived in). We were in the military for several years and then settled back in the small little town. We like it here. My Dad settled in Orlando....


My Dad settled in Orlando....
I moved to Georgia where my Dad was raised.
Michael moved to Orlando where I was raised.

kinda cool...

I know this is exactly where God wants them.

I know this is exactly where God has us....

I enjoy raising my children "in the country." I enjoy being able to go "to the city" often.

My sister lives in Orlando (both my parents are gone now). She is a widow and never had children. She will enjoy them being in Orlando. Michael & Amber will church plant there.... I have shared before about that. We will see them in a couple weeks.... we may go down for Wesley's 7th birthday.

We all did ok when they left Saturday.... after they were gone I found Wesley in his closet crying. I loved him up.... and we prayed together. He has been fine since.

Hope you are enjoying your summer~


  1. You have just the right attitude Teena. It really is so hard to see them move far away, but when you know the Lord is the One moving them there is a sense of peace.
    I'm glad you'll get to see them soon.

  2. That little house is sooo cute! I love it!!

    We were married in Orlando, a long time ago :-) Big bugs :-p

    What a sweet memory of who moved where and how that all worked out~


  3. Praying for you and the little kids. We said goodbye to Kay as she graduated and moved out last weekend - the boys are still missing her lots! I'm more used to being on the other end of these moves, as I'm the one who married and left my family to move to the other side of the world 5 weeks later. I know how hard it was on my Mom even though she KNEW I was where God wanted me to be. (((HUGS))) and at least there isn't an ocean in between you all. - Deedee