Tuesday, June 29, 2010

if its not one thing.... its three!

So we have been without hot water for 10 days now. I am really tired of cold showers! It is our water heater and supposely under warranty but they do not want you to take it back to Lowe's. So dh called and they sent us a thermostat.... but that wasn't the problem. Now they are sending a heating element.... so we shall see. We have a deep well and the water is freezing. It has been an experience I will not forget.

Each morning I walk.... then I come back and get in the pool for a bit. When I walk I listen to my ipod and it motivates me to go farther and faster. I put my ipod in my capri walking pants when I go in the pool. Can you guess where this is going....

This morning I remembered that those were the capris I put in the washing machine.


yes... still in the pocket .... yes it will not work.

Life is just hard sometimes.... these things above are really small in comparsion to so many bigger things that some of you are walking through.

We too have struggled with harder things then this....

In 1989 dh was diagnosed with agoraphobia with severe panic attacks. He still struggles with this ... and it has really consumed him. It has affected all areas of our life. Life is hard at times.

God is faithful and has a plan. One that He knew before the foundation of the world. I have learned and I am still learning to trust.... all the worry and stress I have went through and brought on myself hasn't helped the situations of life.... God is still God. His ways are not my ways.... or my thoughts His thoughts.... so I trust....

It isn't always an easy road.... but it is the road He has allowed me to be on.... and I cry out to Him and lean in....


  1. Bummer. But that's for sure. They do come in 3's. Last night hubby and I went to town for some shopping and a quick dinner. Before leaving I asked him if he had his phone and he said yes so I didn't bring mine. Well, he didn't have it. I wanted to call the kids and couldn't. But the problem was was that right before showering he threw his shorts in the laundry and the phone was in them. We told the twins before leaving too to get caught up on the laundry. We couldn't call them so we only hoped that they weren't as prompt as I we hoped. They weren't, and when we got home his phone was still in his shorts in the laundry hamper. For once I was happy the children didn't obey immediately. But I didn't tell them that!

  2. Life is hard Teena. I'm so sorry you're having so many troubles right now. They can really tend to wear you down. I always find comfort in knowing that the road the Father has me on is leading me to a place of greater blessing.