Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Remember the changes I knew were coming....

Rick, Christie & Hannah-Kate.... Michael & Amber Apr. 2010

Wyatt & "Mr." Rick after Wyatt's baptism.

Rick our youth pastor, wonderful friend.... and as close to family as you can get... resigned from our church in January. He wanted our church to send him out.... He has a vision to church plant. I have known that for several years and knew that God was working mighty in Rick's life. He told our church that he was planning on leaving around April. He is planting a church in Orlando, Florida. We are very excited for Rick, his wife Christie and their precious daughter Hannah-Kate. Rick (and his family) have been there for us through these eight years. Rick did both of my parents funerals, spoke at Michael's high school graduation, married him and Amber... has been there over and over and over for ALL of us. He is a godly man... I am so very thankful for him. For the impact he has made in our life and will continue to make in our life.

Christie & Hannah-Kate

and...... Michael (our oldest) and his wife Amber plan to church plant with them. Michael & Amber plan to move down to Orlando this summer. I know God has great plans for all of them.

Sometimes my emotions take over and I cry. I know that is normal. We will see them often. Amber's parents live in Georgia and I know they will come often to visit. PLUS, Amber (Hi, Amber!) LOVES our littles.... and misses them when she doesn't get to see them. She is a TRUE sister to them... I love how God adds to our family! Also, my sister lives in my parents home which is about 10 miles from where they will be. We try to visit my sister every couple of months...

Changes..... so many changes....

Thank you for your words of encouragement. I am trying. Yesterday, Sunday and Saturday I really focused on eating healthy. I feel lots better. Praying God continues to give me the strength that I need.

We are finishing up school around here. My kids are READY to be finished. We will still do some reading over the summer... but our "book" work should be finished in the next couple weeks.

Thanks for letting me share.


***editted to say.... I am really ok with Rick/Christie & MIKE/AMBER moving. God is great and He continues to dump the grace on me.... I know without a doubt they are doing what God has planned for them.


  1. I thought you were so sad about your Youth Minister leaving...and that is hard enough...but then I re-read and figured out it was your son and wife moving. That is hard... but if you are like me...we raised them with wings, so shouldn't be surprised when they use them. I know (o: it is still hard.

  2. Changes are so hard Teena. I find myself wishing things could just stay the same. I know that isn't possible or even good. The Lord has good plans for each of us and that often involves big change.
    I know He will be with each of you during this time.
    It must be good to have the end of school in sight. I'm proud of you for doing well with your eating. I'm trying too!

  3. Amber2:29 PM

    you are awesome and i love you!

  4. Teena.....the surprise or something new was the glasses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry I miss led you.....no babies!!!!