Saturday, May 08, 2010

Happy Mother's Day.....

Being a mom is the greatest gift I could ever ask for. I am blessed abundantly. God is faithful.... I am thankful. MOM.... I am sure if you are like me.... you hear that word 100 times a day. Sometimes I will admit I get tired of "mom, mom, mom, mom,..... mom..... MOOOOMMMM!"

Our oldest will be 25 next month and our youngest is 6. This is the longest stretch between children. I do believe that my child bearing years are over. I am ok with that. Oh at times I am sad. I always wanted more.... for the past 10 yrs we have allowed God to decide how many children we would have..... He has only given us two in that time. Wyatt when I was 40 & Wesley when I was almost 42. I miss having a baby around.... such joy.... and all the stages....I enjoyed each one.... and it went so fast. I am looking forward to being a grandparent one day.

Mike & Amber are here this weekend visiting. The boys love it when they come. They went swimming this afternoon (after they arrived). We did take the trampoline down so it is a bit strange as they use to jump on the trampoline a lot. Tomorrow we will go to a fellowship for the youth & parents of our church ... to meet a prospective youth pastor. I am excited... a little anxious.... seems weird... I know God is faithful. I am making a sweetheart trifle to take.... first time making this recipe so I hope it turns out. Not sure why it is called a "sweetheart" trifle because it has chocolate cake, peanut butter chips, whipped topping, nestles crunch, chocolate pudding.... yum!

Sunday is church and then we will come back here. I am making baked ziti. Have I ever shared that my mom was italian (she died in 2008~ still seems strange). Most of us LOVE italian food. I love pasta! We will spend some time outside Sunday and just enjoy being together.

To encourage the moms who stop by to read.... if I had to do it over again... I would spend more time with them. I would not worry about the laundry so much or how clean the bathrooms were but I would take more walks with them.... read to them more. I would star gaze with them .... I would take more picnic lunches outside. I would tell them I am so very thankful that God gave them to me.... so very thankful to be their mom.

I love you.... Michael (& Amber), Mandi, Dakota, Alyssa, Wyatt & Wesley. I love you more.


  1. Happy Mother's Day Teena! Have a wonderful, joyous day.

  2. Happy Mothers day. What a great family. You are blessed indeed. I so agree about spending time just being with them. I have a chance to do that with my Grands now....and that is a blessing (o:

  3. You are a great mama! You can't look back with too many regrets 'cause you do all those things with them!

    Happy Mother's Day my friend!

  4. Awe Teena,
    How sweet! Happy Mom's day to you also friend!
    I am touched (sniff) by your post! Thank you for words well taken & spoken!
    My Mom is gone also...and do not give up on a baby...we never know God's plan for us! I'd love another as well. I do fret on the "age factor" at times my girls remind me "Mom how old was Sara"? Ha! Gotta love 'em for their heart of love!!