Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fun Times.....

Alyssa enjoying the view....
My boys.... I was climbing the rocks... and they were saying "come on mom you can do it!" I kept saying.... "boys, boys... mama's too old to do this!" But they insisted so I did!

Wesley climbing on the rocks.....

Wesley was released from the neurosurgeon yesterday. We had to go to Atlanta about 200 miles away... so I decided we would make a field trip out of it.... after he was released we celebrated!

We went to Kennesaw National Battlefield in Kennesaw Georgia.... and then on our way home we stopped at High Falls State Park. It was breath taking... peaceful and just what we needed. We LOVED it!

Wyatt & Wesley enjoying the falls....

My three youngest.... Alyssa, Wesley & Wyatt....

On the rocks at High Falls State Park..... such a beautiful day.... memories made.

We had such a great day.... thank you to everyone who prayed for Wesley.



  1. Teena,
    So thankful all is well.
    What a sweet time together for memories of a what started as a scare to a sweet finish!
    God is so good! :)

  2. What a great field trip (o:
    so thankful he is OK
    blessings all around

  3. Praise the Lord that all is OK! Well done for taking the time to relax, celebrate and enjoy each other!! - Deedee

  4. Beautiful photos, makes me want to go camping. I pray your son is well.

  5. Great photos! They should be framed!


  6. I hadn't realized Georgia was so pretty. Those are beautiful places you visited.

    I actually have already begun that schedule since we school year round but I have to tell ya it feels so good to have a "menu" to go by everyday. I'm so bad at that!