Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Getting ready for vacation....

Each year we go to Destin. We stay in a military campground on the bay. For several years we camped with our pop-up. Last year we stayed in one of the trailers It was cheaper then taking two vehicles and pulling the camper, plus it had a full kitchen and bathroom.

This year we will be staying in the cabins. We are excited. Mike & Amber will go too. We are counting the days. My favorite thing is waking up before everyone each morning and sitting on the bay.... reading and having some time with the Lord. It is always such a highlight of my trip. It is much needed and it refreshes me.

Wyatt on a tree over looking the bay... this is where I would sit and read each morning.

We will leave Saturday and be gone till the 31st. I have lots of books I want to "finish" reading. We usually spend a couple hours each morning on the bay... before we go to the "big" beach and we play and read and build castles.
Wesley trying to skim board like Dakota....

Still trying to figure out what to use for Alyssa, Wyatt & Wesley for next year. Through this 20 yrs of hs-ing I have acquired LOTS of books, curriculum and projects... and I need to USE them! I think as hs-ers we just love books.. well I know I do. So I am thinking of just using what I have. We still use our basic math, language or phonics stuff but then for science/history I use a hodge podge of stuff.

We were at the dentist this morning and a long time friend (who is probably 10 yrs older then me.. maybe more) was talking to me. Her daughter home schools and she was asking how structured I am. She said "be honest." I am a lot more UNstructured than I use to be.... but we still "do" the basics and then pick and choose.... we have fun... I want them to ENJOY & LOVE learning. Oh I know it isn't always that way....

Wyatt (2nd) has FINALLY~ YAY taken off with reading. Yesterday before we started our devotion/reading time... he was reading a random book off the shelf and he finished it. It was great seeing him "fall into" the book. He was so proud of himself. I think he is ONE of those that will LOVE reading lots. I always tell them.... when we read... you can go on adventures...

I worried so much with his reading and he is my 5th child... you would think I would just relax and KNOW it was going to happen. Society just makes me still buy into the lie.... that they have to be doing THIS or THAT by THIS AGE. Crazy. Crazy. Crazy.

Wanted to share with all of you... about a book I want to get. IF you know of someone who has lost a child or you have.... I believe this book will touch you down deep.... all the reviews I am reading are wonderful. The book is called "I will Carry You." It is by Angie Smith and it is about her daughter Audrey Caroline. You can read her blog at "Bring the Rain."

Just wanted to update.... just a random blog post.

ENJOY ....

**these pics are from last year at Destin.


  1. Have a wonderful time. All you pictures look delightful!! We love the sea :-)

    I had to laugh over your homeschooling thoughts. Aren't we always wondering, worryin and buying "new" books? Someday we'll know it all and not worry right? hee hee


  2. Have a wonderful time Teena! I'm so excited for you all that Mike and Amber are coming with you. Yeah!

    Wonderful news about Wyatt reading! They always do get it but doesn't worrying just come with motherhood? We seem to worry about every thing! LOL! - Deedee

  3. I was reading the article in HomeLife about baby Audrey Caroline, just last night! I was thinking too, that I would like to read the book! I haven't been to the blog yet, but I think I will head over there now!

    I'm excited about vacation, too! I hope we can see each other at least one day while we are there at the same time...maybe get together and go to that new place, Pier Park one evening...supposed to be so much to do there!