Wednesday, May 26, 2010

At the Beach....

We are here.... we stay in a cabin. It has been good. Beautiful weather.... clear ocean.... no oil at all. The emerald water is just gorgeous. White sand .... clear water.

Three of my 4 boys are playing the board game "Risk." They really like it. Alyssa likes it too .... but Wesley fell asleep so he isn't enjoying the fun with them.

Each morning I have been walking ...then coming back and having my quiet time outside the cabin... sometimes on the bay. I enjoy this time with the Lord. I journal and read.... it is the highlight of my trip. It refreshes & renews me.

Yesterday we took a break from the beach and drove to Pensacola. We went to the Naval Aviation Museum. Pensacola was our last duty station when we were in the military. It brought back lots of memories. We showed the kids where we use to live. We only had Michael & Mandi when we lived there. We showed them where we went to church, places we went... and we went by Pensacola Christian Academy & Pensacola Christian College. We use Abeka curriculum... for Math & Language. When our children enter high school we do Abeka dvd program. Not with all of them but with some of the children.

We have toured PCC, visited the Sports Center and met some of Michael's favorite teachers. We love the bookstore.

Yesterday though ... we just drove through. The Sports Center was closed.

We went by the mall.... then ended the day with another game of Risk.

Please continue to pray for the Jarriel family (post below). I just can not imagine....

Grab hold of the moment for tomorrow it will be a memory.........


  1. Dear Tenna & family,
    Awe! Looks like a wonderful & special time was had! Our family is so happy for you to have had this time!
    Mayo's x's 10

  2. Confession here - I am so jealous!! Every year about this time I begin to yearn to see the ocean. Thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures. Have a great time!!