Sunday, April 11, 2010

This & That....

Bird Watching booth......
Our Wesley & his friend Bennie~

Here are some pics from the co-op.....

We brought our colored chicks & our cocktiel, Buddy..... everyone loved holding them!

Wyatt in the big tree.........
Well, our air conditioning went out last week..... and it went up to 90 here in South Georgia. It is much cooler this weekend.... we did fix the air conditioning problem.... over $500 but fixed.

On Thursday we had our bird co-op and the forecast said rain.... but it was a beautiful day. It was a great co-op with about 40 children in all. When we were leaving the park... the clouds were forming.... God is good.

We did get a big lightening storm..... but it was after the outdoor co-op.

On Friday morning when we woke.... our computer would not boot up. SO, we think that our computer tower is fried. :( I can read other blogs and check my fb with my blackberry but I can not post or comment on blogs. grrrrr.... I am reading several blogs....

We haven't taken it in to see if it can be fixed..... but I am at the church now and can blog from here... just not as often.

Have a blessed week!

Make memories~


  1. It looks like a lot of fun Teena. I'm glad the rain held off.
    It really seems as though when one thing goes wrong, several others follow. I hope you can get your computer fixed easily.

  2. how fun that looks (o:
    We had snow last week
    I think it will be warm this week...hopefully

  3. Great photos Teena. I'm sorry about your computer. I hope it's easily fixed.

  4. What fun! I loved the looks on the kid's faces! Pure joy!