Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Our 5th child...

Wyatt was baptized on Palm Sunday. He asked Jesus into his heart back in August. He is 8 now. I am so very thankful. He was nervous and was drumming his fingers.....
Just this morning I was reading over at Ann's place ~ her Hope girl was baptized this weekend. Isn't our goal in life.... to glorify God? I have always said "as long as my children walk in Truth."

I fail so often at this "parenting" thing. Our oldest three are 24, 21 & 17. The youngest three are 12, 8, & 6. The Lord continues to show me, convict me.... where I have made mistakes. Things that I did before or didn't do.... I am searching and asking Him to open my eyes. Ann has an awesome quote about this parenting thing.... it jumped off the page at me...

He has blessed me more than I could ever imagine..... and now.... our once 5 lb preemie baby boy.... wants to be baptized.... as Jesus was.

Come ever soul by sin oppressed there's mercy with the Lord....

Only trust Him... only trust Him... only trust Him now...... He will save you... He will save you... He will save you now....

God is good.... great. He is faithful......

Rejoice with me....


  1. Wonderful
    God bless Wyatt and his family
    blessings to you all (o:

  2. Oh yes Teena - rejoicing with you. Did you read Ann's post at Holy Experience today? I think it will bless you.

  3. I did read it, Linda... I wept. Totally touched my heart!

    thanks for always caring.


  4. Rejoicing with you my friend!!!

  5. What a wonderful day for you! There is nothing that will bring more joy to a mothers heart than to know that one day we will ALL be together again! Thank the Lord for HIS saving grace to each of us.

    I remember when I was little, my parents would get me colored chicks and ducks for Easter, fun memories!

    Sometimes I would love to hear more of what you mentioned awhile back, that things were going well......only if you want to that is :)

  6. Praising Jesus with you! Our joyfull momma hearts are overflowing with praise when we know that our children are walking in truth!!

    I love you,