Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Been a difficult week.... God's grace is sufficient.

Making funny faces.....
praying during worship......

COTW and Alyssa & the end of the line....

I think I am still reeling from last week. My emotions have been raw this week. I have been extremely tired.... grumpy... snappy.

Found out our computer should be fixed the end of the week or first of next week. It is fixable and that is a praise!

We are in revival this week... well, tonight is the last night. Today at lunch Wes prayed "Dear God, thank you for this day... for our food and for survival.... in Jesus name amen." I thought that was a little strange... the older kids smiled.... and looked at me.

Later as they were getting ready to come to church.... Wes said to Alyssa "Lys, we have survival tonight!"

AAHHHHH! That is what he meant. Made me laugh.

Alyssa and I went again this past Sunday to see the COTW. They get so excited when they see us. We are forever friends. They all ask if we will see them again.... how long we traveled to see them.... one little girl from Uganda says "Auntie Teena, Auntie Teena, you will see us again?" I love them. They have changed our life.... I know I say this all the time.... (blush). The pic at the very top... you can see her looking at me!

I have been trying to decide what to use for school next year... I love Heart of Dakota. I will probably still do that with my boys. But just not sure what to do with Alyssa. She really grasped and LOVED doing HOD. She fell in love with a little girl on the Mayflower.... a migrant from Mexico.... it was so real to her. I am not looking forward to the "high school" years with her and counting credits. I have done this with my two oldest and Dakota is in 11th.... and I am just not ready to think about that with her. She will be 7th so I have this coming year and next. So we will see.

Are any of you thinking about "school" for next year.....

Thank you again for praying for Wesley. We have a follow up in Atlanta on the 11th of May. I think we will make a field trip day out of it!




  1. Hiya Teena! Praying for you and for Wyatt this week. I'm sure all will be fine at the check up with him. Mommy may take longer to get over the experience! LOL!

    You have had a scare and a stress - go easy on yourself. You need to process what has happened, be thankful for the happy outcome and be able to file it in the past. That is a process and will take a few days to do.

    We just got a new trampoline for our boys. Thanks for making me think. I researched the safest make on the market here in England and bought the safety net to go with it. We fully padded and attached the safety net down fast, so there are no 'falling off' accidents here. Thank you for sharing what happened and helping me to keep my boys safe. :o)

    I pray that Wyatt has no side effects of the fall! (((HUGS))) - Deedee

  2. Hello,
    Wanted to let you know I am praying for you & yours!
    I do stop over & check on you.
    I am so happy that your son is doing as well as he is!
    Our son fell out of the "hay loft" while working with Daddy at his second job...I still remember the feeling when he called me! He is fine...needed to heal as I am praying that your son will be!
    Blessings friend,