Sunday, March 21, 2010

As you can see....

I have been changing my blog around. I wanted something spring-y. I tried another one for a few days but the WHITE background bothered my eyes. So I am trying this one.

I also tried to upload some pics today.... but the computer wouldn't cooperate with me.

Yesterday was a gorgeous day here..... I really enjoyed the day outside with dh and the kids.

I hope to have some pics up tonight or tomorrow.

Today it is raining again.... chilly. I am feeling a bit blah but God is so good.... and He has blessed me with so much....

Just reading several of my friends blogs.... thanks for stopping by....



  1. Really like your new Spring look (o:
    I have been working on a BD present for the 8 year old Granddaughter. She wanted ZuZu pets. I found 2 then messed around making a house for them....taking way to much time (o: But it is done. (o:

  2. I love your spring look :) White backgrounds don't bother me but black ones always bother my eyes for some reason lol