Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Again.... I know you may get tired of hearing about this....

Children of the World International Choir~ East Team 2009-2010

Alyssa & I went to see the Children of the World AGAIN. We spent the night with my cousin and were able to see them. It was great. Each time we see them.... they are very surprised. We were not sure if they enjoyed it ... or just thought we were weird... but this time they really shared how much it meant to them.

I can remember when I was a little girl.... how I wanted to make a difference. I wanted to matter. Does that make sense? I was raised in a non-christian home. My parents were always on the edge of divorce. I remember just wanting to ..... do something that I would be remembered for... or that would make a difference. I guess that some may think that is being self absorbed. Several times in my childhood I chased after something.... once it was a teen heart throb.... lol ~ funny now. I just didn't want to "see" them but I wanted them to REMEMBER me. Ok... being too transparent....

When I heard that Jesus died for me.... that I mattered to HIM.... my heart was so ready. It spoke volumes to know that He loved me.

As we travel around seeing the Children of the World ... it came back to me... how when I was young I wanted to make a difference. I believe that statement impacts me a lot. I think we all want to matter.... to make a difference. We have fell in love with these children. We also love the leaders and chaperones.... and what touches us deep is that they LOVE us.

We are not sure if we will see them again..... I am not sure if that breaks Alyssa's heart or mine more~ giggle. We do know that they will remember us... they will remember that we are praying for them.... because we tell them each time we see them. They will remember that we have pictures of them... that they are on our minds.

One of the little Uganda girls... Jamira.... loves me .... and I love her. The first time they came she laid in my lap... when we saw them in January I told her we would see them again and she said "WHEN?" I also told her that we pray for her and we have pictures of them. She asked "JUST ME?!" I told her "yes." We showed her the pictures we had of when she laid in my lap. This last time... she stroked my hair.... hugged me, looked into my eyes.... just sorta latched on to me. She is from an orphanage in Uganda.

Another of the girls from Uganda... Evah asked Alyssa to wear her outfit that matched theirs.... they also told Alyssa (in January) to wear her hair braided the next time she came. So this last time her hair was braided and the little girls from the Phillippines & Nepal had their hair braided. Funny thing is .... they didn't know we were coming.

On of the little Nepali girls... Pashi who we met the very first time they came (Oct. 09) said to us "Every where WE are YOU are!" ~ we thought this was funny. They will ask how long it took us to travel.... their eyes grow wide when they spot us for the first time!

We plan to keep in touch with the leaders. They LOVE it when we surprise them. These children will return to their homes/orphanages in June. The leaders will have a new group in August. We promised to keep in touch. One of the chaperones have been with the organization for 3 tours. He said he has 45 children all over the world! They have truly "made a difference" in these children's lives.

I have also followed Kristen's blog as she traveled with Compassion International to Africa. How she made a difference... she has been forever changed. Stories that will touch your heart... We sponsored a child from Indonesia ... name Ucok. He has been our sponsored child since 2007. We write him letters and pray for him. My little boys color him pictures.... we send pictures. I pray one day I will be able to meet Ucok. WE love to receive letters from him too. I have them all saved. Ucok's picture is on our refrigerator.... he has a special place in our hearts. I believe meeting/seeing the Children of the World has made it MORE real to me. I know that is sad but .... meeting the little boys .... makes me think of our Ucok. I love on them.... I am so very thankful God brough the COTW into our lives. I am so blessed by these organizations that bring the mission field to us and we can "make a difference."

The picture above is of Ucok... our sponsored child. I called Compassion today.... asked some questions. They told me that with Compassion International ... it is so much one on one... that we are Ucok's only sponsor. I read an article from Compassion that said .... the word sponsor to them mean "HERO" ~ wow.... we are making a difference in Ucok's life... this little boy is my hero.... I am honored to be his sponsor! He is changing our life.....

Alyssa & I are forever changed.

For God's glory~

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  1. lovely post and written from your heart
    I did not get to go when they were in our town
    at least my Granddaughters got to(o:
    sounds like your whole family has greatly benefited from this experience
    I have read the blogs of the ladies that went over to Kenya
    very touching