Saturday, February 20, 2010

Still thinking about spring....

Easter is the 4th of April this year.....

remember I am so ready for spring.... and spring to me... means EASTER

One of my favorite holidays.... maybe even my favorite.... no gift buying.... well just a little chocolate.... ~smile

but so much more..... its about HIM..... JESUS~ I just love all of it. We read together and come up with new things to help them remember and experience what EASTER is all about.

I was reading over at Ann's blog~ Holy Experience.... and I am really considering doing this. We do not celebrate Lent.... I can remember as a child my mother talking about Lent as we grew up catholic. I think it is neat to embrace some traditions..... like Advent at Christmas. We have had a great time doing Advent. It has helped us prepare for the birth of Jesus. So I am thinking about Lent.... although I do not believe I have to give up something to be righteous.... it is only by His grace, His gift, His shed blood that I am His.

As I continue to think about spring..... feel free to share what your plans will be... what special things you do with your family.... as we prepare for Jesus resurrection.....

Do you like my new look?

pic at the top~ March 2005 in our garden... Wesley has a broke arm, he was only 20 months. Alyssa, Wes, Wyatt (and our dog Rambo)looking for squash... Dakota walking up along outside of garden.


  1. I like your new look. Very cute! Thanks for the link over to Ann's blog~


  2. I LOVE the new look!!! You'll have to show me how to do these changes next time you're over here!

    I, too, am so ready for've got me ready to go looking on my shelf for something to read to them before Easter! I love that holiday too!


  3. Very nice...feels like spring will be here soon!

  4. We know spring will come...but it seems so far away with this new storm and cold spell.
    I like your look (o:
    I was thinking of making the Easter eggs that have the resurrection story in them...I will look online for it (o: