Thursday, February 18, 2010

going off the beaten path........

Wyatt doing school.....

Cabin fever is setting in..... lots of complaining about school. So this week I decided to go off the beaten path and just have some fun.

Thinking about spring......

I pulled out a lapbook/unit study on Butterflies~ I also pulled out any/all books I had on Butterflies.... we are reading aloud a book about a little boy who sees a butterfly lay an egg on a leaf....

We have decided to plant a "Butterfly Garden" ... of course winter is still here. We are just thinking about it all... and researching the types of butterflies in our area. Also the flowers that grow in our area that attract butterflies. We have a little place picked out ... that is by the swing on the back porch. It is a raised bed that dh made for me a couple of years ago.

Our catalog for McMurray Hatchery came in the mail this week... we have been looking at it and looking at it.... several years ago we bought 25 of the specialty chickens and did a poultry unit study. It was fun. We have a bird co-op planned for the end of March or first of April... we may let the three youngest pick out a few of their favorites!

I guess you can tell.... I am so ready for SPRING.....

We also worked on our Latin..... I just started this year... introducing some latin. I have always heard that it will help us understand the english language better.

I am also trying to work on some of my scrapbooking. I really accomplished a lot in 2009 but towards the end of the year didn't pick it up. Also I have my quilt blocks cut out but haven't worked on those in so long. I have both girls quilts made but I still need to make my four boys a quilt. I am new at this quilting thing... it isn't fancy.

Dakota.... almost 17. He is our 2nd son.... third born in our family. It seems like yesterday he was 3!

Dakota in 1996 (3 yrs old) Where did the time go?

Faith that believes it will see, will keep us from becoming discouraged. We will laugh at seemingly impossible situations while we watch with delight to see how God is going to open a path through the Red Sea. It is in these places of severe testing, with no human way out of our difficulty that our faith grows and is strengthened. ~ from Life of Praise

I read this in my quiet time this week. It really spoke to my heart. God continues to give me grace.... our thoughts are not God's thoughts ... He sees the end from the beginning!

As I always always say.... grab hold of the moment for tomorrow it will be a memory. Cuddle up with them.... read a book together, laugh.... enjoy some hot chocolate.... I am reminding myself too!


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. I see you are reading Maidens of Virtue, we've read that here with our older girls and I'll be starting it again with our younger girls. Love that book. Our married daughter got snow in Texas a couple weeks ago and the kids loved it. I think it was pretty much their first time seeing it!!

  2. I feel your pain as far as the "cabin fever" thing. So ready for warm, sunny days and flip flops. :-)

  3. My youngest will be 25 in is that possible?
    Glad you are trying to get through the cabin fever. Butterflies (o: Fun.
    I need to scrap and i am finishing a place to do it. I am excited.

  4. What a reflective post. They do grow up so quickly but it encourages me to spend more time, better time with the younger ones :-)