Sunday, February 14, 2010

SNOW!! In South Georgia

This is our house & yard..... from the road. This is Saturday morning after the snow started melting....
Fun.... fun ... fun.... this is Saturday morning after the sun came out and the snow was melting!

Snow was still on the ground Saturday morning.... I woke the boys and they wrapped up....

This is part of our front yard... when I was standing on the porch.....

I can never remember it snowing (and sticking) here in South Georgia.... never ever......

What a wonderful..... awesome gift from God..... my little boys had never seen snow! It was beautiful....


  1. Well I am happy for you (o:
    and the boys of course (o:
    I snowed last night so I took the 2 grands that were spending the night out to shouvle. They had on mixed macthed gloves and the 2 year old was mad that she had to wear 'boy' boots (they were yellow) We probably had 4 inches or more.
    Isn't it strange the crazy weather pattern we are having?

  2. I enjoyed your pictures! The snow was definitely a fun memory we'll always have, won't we? Now we can say, "Remember when it snowed in South Georgia?" lol!
    Love you,

  3. Teena,
    Another great memory!! We've had snow on the ground for 3 weeks now--totally unheard of around here. Not that we're deep south or anything. We just don't really get much snow and when we do it doesn't last long. I keep telling everyone that we've made our way into Narnia!! I am ready for spring!! :-)

  4. Glad the snow blessed you. We see more snow than you for sure here in ID!! You said I encourage you and you are so sweet but you totally encouraged me today by your sweet words. I need to just trust the Lord will bless my womb insteasd of doubting and being filled with fear. Thank you for your encouragement to me. Bless you Teena


  5. Hi Teena,
    Thanks for stopping by our blog.

    WOW! Snow in S. Georgia! Crazy!! We live in the mtns so we are use to snow - lots of it. I'll bet that was a real treat for your kids.

    I will be back!

  6. The weather sure has been strange this winter

  7. your place looks so peaceful, I am glad that your children know the country life. Thanks for always stopping by with your encouraging words!!!

    Love you, friend!!!

  8. That is sooo neat that your little boys got snow! I'm also glad that the party went well. Sorry I haven't been around much - just catching up. The handover took all my time and then we went away for a few days. Back now and catching up on my life - LOL! Glad they liked the chopstick game, too. :o)