Thursday, February 11, 2010

Still very cold here....

I am waiting on spring....

remember I said it usually doesn't STAY cold in Georgia?! It is so cold... this winter has been a record breaker for south Georgia.

Usually by Valentine's Day.... we are buying bird feeders and flowers..... but not this year! I am still snuggling up in my SNUGGIE... brrrr.....

Today we are working on school... the boys are doing lots better..... YAY!

I started doing a unit study on butterflies. Just something a little different... they were getting bored with our Heart of Dakota.....we still do our basic stuff.... math, phonics, handwriting but then we read aloud, read the lesson for the day plus do lots of activites... we pick and choose. One of the activities is to make a chrysalis..... I think that will be fun. Our read-aloud book is about a little boy who saw a butterfly lay an egg on a leaf... each day they say "read MORE!"

Thanks for all the great comments about the birthday party. It was great fun. I thank each one of you that gave me such wonderful ideas.

Valentine's Day is extra special around here.... it is my grandmothers (my Dad's mom) birthday. She has been with Jesus 12 yrs.... but several of my cousins still come to a house they own and spend the weekend together. The family did this for years and years when grandma was alive. She had 8 children, 39 grandchildren and over 50 great grandchildren... she now has lots of great great grandchildren. She was born in 1900! She lived to be 98. She was a christian... and being raised in a non-christian home... this meant so much to me. We lived in Florida (all my life) and we would come to Georgia (the town I live in now) for holidays and always for her birthdays. She gave me my first bible.... I am thankful for her legacy. This weekend I will spend some time with my cousins ... out of my grandma's 8 children... only 2 are still living. We will remember.... share stories, talk about old memories... and make some new ones....

A long time ago.... 1993. Dakota was 8 mons old, Mandi 5 & Michael was 8. My grandmother is holding Dakota & Billy (dh) is on the other end of the couch. Wow this is an old pic~ this was a couple years after our house burned and we moved into the house we are in now... on 5 acres of land.

This was taken in Nov. 1997. Alyssa (our 4th) was 2 months old. Grandma was in the nursing home then..... Alyssa was 13 months old when my grandma went to be with Jesus.


  1. There is a big difference in the 1993 picture and the 1997 picture. What a sweet tradition...and good way to get together with cousins. We are terrible at it. Should try to see them more often.
    Glad things are clicking for the boys.
    Have you ever heard of the game Rush Hour? It is a thinking problem solving puzzle. I think boys would love it.

  2. It is such a blessing to have a legacy like that!

  3. She has given all of you a precious legacy - her faith, her love and the memories you share.
    I'm sure she would be so happy that you are still gathering together.
    I think studying butterflies must be lots of fun. They are fascinating.

  4. We use to live in Georgia. South Georgia too. My husband was stationed at Ft. Benning. That's where our first son was born. Very humid, big bugs and hot :-)

    We are lucky if by spring we have warmer weather. I'm jealous, you get it by mid Feb :-0