Monday, February 22, 2010

Beautiful Weekend.... even though....

Alyssa woke up early Saturday morning and wasn't feeling well. She had a real bad rash on her neck.... I thought she had strained when she threw up... but it looked pretty bad. Her temp. was about 99.

Michael & Amber came over Saturday afternoon.... the sun was shining.....

.... it was about 70 .... funny to think that last Saturday (13th) we had snow on the ground!

Late Saturday night.... it hit me that Alyssa may have scarlet fever ... but she didn't have strep and her throat didn't hurt. I called a nurse friend of ours... told her about it all and she said she would take her in. So around 10:30pm Saturday night we headed to the E.R. The doctor said it looked like the strep rash.... scarlet fever. I wasn't too convinced. The charge nurse came in and told us to follow up with our doctor today (we have an appt. in a bit)~ but that it looked just like scarlet fever/scarletina. They gave her amoxcillin. After going to our doctor (of almost 18 yrs) he said it is NOT scarlet fever but eczema! UGH... I am so very thankful for our doctor..... he is a christian... very prolife, family man.... he has delivered our last 4.... by c-section. Did I say how thankful I am for all these years of excellent care.

Needless to say we all stayed home from church yesterday morning. She felt fine... just the rash. I made lasagna.... and salad. We all sat outside .... enjoyed the sunshine. The boys battled on the trampoline. My big boys (Michael 24, Dakota almost 17) make the little boys (Wyatt 8, Wesley 6) tough.... sometimes TOO tough for my mama heart.

Last night dh stayed here with my three youngest~ Alyssa, Wyatt & Wesley. The rest of us went to church. Michael & Dakota played in the worship service.... so I wanted to see them.

Tried several times today to upload pics... my computer doesn't want to work with me.... so I guess I will post pictures later.....



  1. Wow. Hope all is well. My daughter use to have the strep and no fever or sore throat...she would just cry all the time till I finally got the message and took her in for a throat culture. My youngest did have Scarlatina. My kids all had strep a lot but my Grand kids never have it ??? I am glad.
    My two sons are almost eight years apart and i always felt like I had to be a constant the youngest is bigger... sometimes i wonder why he doesn't clean his brothers clock (o:
    Oldest says, "You don't get it Mom. I will always be the Big Brother." Oh well.

  2. Oh My! Sooo thankful it wasn't scarlet fever - how scary!! Try aloe vera gel on the eczema. I used it to just sooth one of my foster babies eczema till we could get to the Dr after a weekend and by Monday morning it was completely healed and smooth - and it had been cracked open and bleeding on the Friday! Hope she feels better soon - Deedee

  3. The littles look so little compared to their brothers.
    That would be the blessing of home schooling...
    playing outside for a break when ever you needed it and then sticking with a lesson until it is finished.
    No need for a Zuzu pet in your house with your guinea pigs. My Granddaughter that will be eight in March wants a Zuzu pet (o: I did find one even though they are hard to find (o: