Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Just another day in February.....

Trying to load some pictures for you to see.... I am wondering if the trouble I am having is because of the recent changes to my blog? Maybe it is too big or something and it takes longer to upload pics? So fustrating..... Hopefully I will have a few for you to see....

Alyssa & Dr. Reese (our doctor for over 17 yrs). He delivered her...

Mandi, Wesley and Wyatt..... Sunday on the trampoline... the weather was gorgeous!

The weather is so nice today. It is a little cool but the sun is out. Dh is cleaning out our pool! It will not be ready for a while but he is working on it. In south Georgia the kids want to get in the pool in March and definately by April. Maybe this year it will be too cold as this winter has been so cold. The little boys keep sneaking away from doing school to go outside....

we are taking lots of breaks!

Wyatt with our guinea pig Bob. We have a little harness that we put on him.... Bob likes it. For years we have raised guinea pigs. The kids love it.

We read our circle time/devotion stuff today... and I can really tell that Wyatt is listening ... he was very attentive. Wesley still interupts and asks how long until we are finish. We read "Then sings my Soul." We sang a little of "Jesus paid it all...." I am so thankful to be able to stay at home and teach my children.

This is our 19th year of home schooling. Each child is so different. We have graduated two... and Dakota will graduate next year. He is working on his high school credit stuff.... so a lot of times it is just the three youngest and I....

I can remember when I first started with Michael.... he was in 1st grade (he went to ps in Kindergarten~ ) I was so unsure of myself.... my parents and my relatives put lots of pressure on us. Before my parents died.... they were both very in favor of home schooling... and they were proud of their grandchildren. It really showed me that as long as I knew that this is what God had for us.... it was ok. The way others think ... changes through the years but God is the same yesterday, today and forever.

Michael, Dakota, Wyatt & Wesley~ our boys.
On Sunday afternoon when the weather was beautiful.
~ hugs


  1. opps... I just left my comment over at yesterdays post.

  2. Teena,
    Good to hear that Alyssa is OK! We've all been sick here.

    The new look is so pretty!! Very springish!!

    I'm envying you your early spring (but not your intense summers!!). I'm so ready for spring!! The month long snow-on-the-ground is done but still cold. Sigh. I must practice patience. Thankfully it's time to start planting seedlings for the garden soon!! Yay!! That always makes me feel better!!