Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Birthday plans are under way.....

We are planning Wyatt's 8th birthday! Thanks to so many for your great comments and ideas. Thanks to Cinammon, Deedee, Cindy, plus several online.

Wyatt's greatest wish is that he could go to LEGO LAND... well... that is on the other side of the United States so .... I am trying to *make* a Lego Land here. We will have several games, cool cake.... and decorations. Mike & Amber will be here on Saturday afternoon and Mandi too. So it will be a lot of fun!

Thanks for all the great encouragement..... about my little boys and their reading. It really helps... even though this is our 19th year ~each one is so different. Just this week I have tweaked some things and the boys are enjoying it so much better... hearing praise as they are moving along at THEIR own pace. I remember last year... Wyatt struggled so much w/ reading I wondered if he would ever master it. ~smile This year... really just since starting back in January it has just "clicked" and he's enjoying it. It may not be "UP TO" grade level... or what (like someone else said) others THINK he should be but that is one of the blessings of home schooling....

We are a first generation home schooling family.... so I grew up in the public school. Not wanting to bash here... not my purpose. My goal though is to not *bring* school home but to HOME school... at different times I have to remind myself that! I appreciate your words of encouragement.

Feel free to give me more LEGO ideas.... or share your hs-ing ideas.... thanks for stopping by. I love the comments.

May we grab hold of each moment... for tomorrow it will be a memory~


  1. I forgot to come comment on lego BD
    but iphones have an app that can turn a picture into a legoized picture... that would be fun
    I also saw a necklace made from a lego brick with a necklace loop glued on (super glue?) then a chain like a dog tag
    Sorry i can't remember where I saw them and then again I don't know how to make a link
    maybe that should be my new years resolution (o:
    learning how to make a link...lol

  2. I found the necklace
    it is on wearethatfamily.com
    at a Works For me Wednesday on an older post
    sorry, I could not find a date, but it wasn't to far back

  3. hey teena!! thanks for commenting on my blog - i think you found it in a very interesting place :D. Kate's story is so inspiring and sad...
    Blessings! & thanks again :)

  4. WAY TO GO TEENA!!!!! Your going for it!!! Sounds like YOUR the amazing one, now I can just copy your Lego party I give to Josh in April...LOL!!!! I know your crew will be so happy with all the results and tireless accomplishments of their dear mother! I am going to check back and LOOK for all the pics, so I can get some IDEAS!!!!!

    Good job!!

    Notice all the !!!, that means I am excited for YOU!!!!!


  5. Wow I can't wait to see pictures!

  6. Finally getting back to reading different blogs, sorry I took a break for awhile.

    I want to apologize for not responding when you asked for idea's about a Lego party, my mind has been fried lately, way to busy getting ready for this move. I realize that is a poor excuse to ignore a dear friend, but the only one I have right now.

    Praying so often for you my friend and wondering how you are really doing???

    Love you,

  7. How much fun. And aren't you the creative one. Take photos so we can see how it all turns out.


  8. Love the new look of your blog and can't wait for the party! Love you:)

  9. valerie2:26 PM

    Teena, It's taken me a while to tack you down. =) I had your email address from Upwards but when I tried to email you it didn't go through... =( I was wanting to chat with you about high school and how you have done it. My dd is interested in nursing and we are trying to figure out the best way to go. She's in 7th grade right now.

    pls email me (val_baxley@yahoo.com)

  10. You certainly have a creative streak in you. What fun to plan birthdays!!