Saturday, February 06, 2010

Happy 8th Birthday, Wyatt Emory... We love you!

Sweet Wyatt 1 yr old

Eight years ago today I delivered my fifth child. We were so excited to be expecting again.... most thought we were crazy for even thinking of another child.... but each one is a gift from Him and we were so very thankful! I was considered an older pregnant woman... at 40.

Around 31 wks my blood pressure went up and my doctor put me in for 24 hrs observation. I remember this because it was around the time of Mandi's birthday (she was turning 13). After 24 hrs he let me come home but on semi-bedrest. On the 29th of January I went back to his office for a check-up and my blood pressure was HIGHER. I had some protein in my urine and I was swelling (pitting). He sent me to the hospital for a stress test and the coritzone shots to mature the baby's lungs *just in case* we had to deliver. He told me then he wouldn't admit me but I was to be on total bedrest and if my blood pressure went over 100 (diastolic sp?) then we would have to deliver because it was not safe for me or the baby. I also went back on the 31st for another shot and stress test.

On the 4th of January I woke up (around 4am) with a severe headache..... went to the bathroom and started throwing up.... I went to the couch and stayed there.... slept on and off.... my head was hurting so bad! Around 8am I called my doctors office, talked to the nurse and she said to go straight to labor/delivery.. she was calling my doctor.

When I arrived my blood pressure was 198/118. My doctor was there... he was very concerned (we highly respect our doctor and trust him completely... he is a christian doctor and knows how we believe). He kept telling me my blood pressure was too high and I needed to get in the bed .. that I could have a stroke. He then explained that he wanted to give me another couple shots ... 24 hrs apart and that it wasn't safe anymore for the baby or I... that we would be delivering soon. It hit me that I was only 32 wks and this was too soon! Our hospital doesn't have a NICU~ he sensed my concern and said "I believe that the baby will be ok and not have to transfer."

It was a very hard 48 hrs. No visitors or phone calls, lights dim.... nurse with me.... I remember I always liked to have something special for them to put in their bassinet at the hospital. The nurse went down to the gift shop and bought me a little lamb... dh and the kids packed my bag... "don't forget the camera!" They would come in and check my blood gases every 4 hrs.... I could hear his heartbeat on the monitor......
On Febuary 6, 2002 Wyatt Emory was born weighing 5lbs 2oz & was 18" long. He had a little trouble breathing ..... they put him under the oxy-dome for 24 hrs.... but after that all the wires came off.... and I was able to hold him! Around lunch that day.... they walked into my room with him.... and from then he has been with us! He didn't have any trouble nursing.... even though they say their suck reflex doesn't come til 34-35 wks. We came home 4 days later!

I remember that first month after Wyatt's birth..... I was still so sick, my blood pressure was still very high. I was back/forth to the doctors.... my doctor kept saying "it will all balance out...." Billy (dh) and I would sleep on the sleeper sofa.... I remember sleeping (being so sick) and dh would hold him... and every 2-3 hrs wake me and say "Teena, he wants to nurse...." so I would nurse him.... change him.... hold him.... then fall back to sleep ... and dh would take him and talk and hold him..... awwww......... memories. I like remembering..... baby days.....

Happy Birthday Wyatt, we love you so much!

planning the party...... hope to post tonight or tomorrow with pictures!


  1. Teena, Thank you for always writting sweet comments. What an adorable little boy!!! Blessings


  2. Happy BD to your boy. That was quite a story. Made me tired just to hear how sick you were. You didn't even mention that all the other children were probably all around wanted your attention and making it hard to rest. Glad he is healthy and so are you (o:

  3. Happy Birthday, Wyatt. You are the same age as my grandson!


  4. Happy Birthday to your not-so-little Wyatt!! Sigh. Why do they grow so fast!! I remember saying to my mom and sister one day how I wished that it took twice as long for kids to grow up as it really does. They both hollered "No way!" and "I don't think so!!" Yeah, I'm weird but I just love my kiddos so much!! And I know that you feel that way too.

    I'm making some things to send your way. ;-) It's taking me longer than I thought with all of the stuff going on in my life right now. But hopefully I will get to send them out soon!! Just wanted to tease you!! :-)

  5. What a beautiful testimony of God's ever watchful care over us! What a beautiful story~