Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ice Crystals...... and our Co-Op...

Some pics of when it was so cold here.... the week it stayed in the 20's! The kids put toys on the trampoline and we left the hose on.... ice crystals! We kept hoping for snow... but ice is all we got!

Wyatt with a big piece of ice.....

It has warmed up here..... but this morning when I went for my walk there was frost on the ground. We have started thinking about spring.... (giggle) and talking about getting some chicks! March/April are just around the corner!

We did our Australian Co-Op on Tuesday with our home school group. It went really well. We had seven centers.... the kids really loved it. We had about 40 children there. We will do another one in the spring ... and this time it will be a science one.... on BIRDS! We will bring our cockatiel, Buddy for everyone to see. We will make bird houses or bird feeders and have some chicks for all to see!

I always get excited thinking about spring... in January. Spring comes early here in the south....



  1. Me too! We're already talking about animals and our garden and preserving. So delightful to think about it all!

    That ice on the trampoline gave me the shivers~ brrrrr! But of course it was a high of 6* this morning :-0 so I don't know why I'm shivering at ice when we have snow and ice all over here :/

    But I know there's grass under there just waiting to pop up :-)


  2. Teena,
    I would love to meet your Buddy. We still miss our Polly. I never knew that I would bond with a bird like that!! Sigh. I think about buying another but alas, no money. We've went to the pet store a few times to look but all of the birds there were wild and some bite pretty hard. Definitely not handled and trained. Makes me want to raise them myself to sell. In all of my spare time of course!! Ha ha!!

    Thanks for sharing!!

  3. I'm sooo ready for spring to come!

  4. Fun with ice (o:
    My hubby has fallen 3 times this winter on the crazy stuff. PTL he wasn't hurt bad...just stiff.
    Spring never seems to come eary here.
    Warm up
    then get ready for the blizzard in March or even April