Monday, January 25, 2010

It's Monday... and thinking about another birthday...

From the minute I hit the floor this morning.... I could tell it was going to be a *doozy* of a day! I think it was more my attitude then anyone elses. (blush) ~

I did walk this morning..... and getting out in the fresh air, with my ipod, praise music and just some time alone... you would think I would have a great day. I found myself stressing over several things. My little boys still struggle with their phonics.... I mean... really come on... they know better ;) I mean they are 6 and almost 8... shouldn't they be reading great by now?

These boys are the 5th & 6th born..... I have taught four to read already..... shouldn't I have this down pat?

.... I know it is ok.... I know.... I really do. I just need to take a deep breath.
In just a few weeks we will celebrate our Wyatt's birthday. He will turn 8. He wants a Lego party. I have been checking out lego party ideas, games, cakes etc~ I found some neat things online. If you have any ideas please let me know. I am going to make his cake... and make it a "LEGO" cake. We have changed in the last few years and do not do the BIG party with lots of kids over.... we do a party with just our family. The "birthday" person gets to pick what they want to do for their special day. Have a fun party w/ family here..... play games etc or go somewhere..... and have cake. This has kept the stress less for us. We do go out one night after church and I bring cupcakes and a few friends are invited. Not sure we will always do it this way... but for this year.... I like this new idea.



  1. Love simple birthday parties! I have to really be in the right mood to enjoy planning 'friend' parties...sometimes it can just seem overwhelming to think about! Hope you have a blessed day and the peace of God fills your heart! :)

  2. Teena,
    Our boys (and a couple of our girls) have been late bloomers. I don't even really bother doing school formally with them until they are 7 (Missouri law says they have to begin school by 7) and just try not to stress over it. I stress more over what people will think than their actual academics. DH just wasn't an early learner and he's lovingly passed that on to many of our children. *I* know they're smart anyway!! :-) I've found that when they have the need to know their learning is much quicker than if I was working against their will. Sounds really "unschoolish", I know. And that's not our style (though I wish it were and have tried to make it work--their desire to be lazy is stronger than their curiosity!!) it works best for our boys. Anyway, just thought I'd share. Jordan and Zane are 11 and 9 respectively and they are just really starting to really get into reading on their own (thanks to Kingdom Hearts--see video games CAN be good for something!!) and it's becoming natural for them to read stuff. There is a transition from having to read something and wanting to read it. :-)

    Our birthday parties are very low key too. Just family--which is still a big crowd!! Ha ha!! We let the birthday person decide what the meals will be that day and we have cake and ice cream after supper while they open presents. Most of the time we try to have their "party" on their actual birthday but sometimes we have to postpone until the weekend or something. We don't ever really do a theme either. Like I said, really low key. :-)


  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I could relate to so many things in your post. Teaching reading....not my favorite thing to do but we use Teach Your Child to Read in 100 easy lessons.

    One fun thing my kids love to do is have a pinata. They've got to have one in the shape of a lego right?

    Another is to get streamers and have fun wrapping up (mummy-ing) the birthday boy and another friend. Two teams, a few streamers per child and a contest. Whoever wraps up the person first wins. The kids enjoy this immensely.

    Blessings~ Cinnamon

  4. Hello,
    First, thank you for stopping by. Too bad we can all have coffee/tea to share with one another! Smile!
    Yes, I can relate, however God through my hubby has shown me that we are "home" schooling...and that I need not get in a knot that this or that one learns at a different speed than another sibling. Just love this one in all that they do not worry about what they are not...I was always (still there at times) worring that you know Jonny/Sally would be asked at church, or something to read and they would melt to a grease spot on the floor...well that was "my" issue so, now we just say they are still working on this area...and others really who love us do not fret this.Smile! These children who learn reading a smidgen later...are so sweet in other loving, when they really start getting it. for us was when I learned to lay back &let it go slowly...they are so happy when they really "get This down" God is so good at all of these lessons we all learn...I am wanting you to know sister, this is my speaking for me myself & I and in no way making a opinon or call on you & yours. Just good to share!
    Thank you for sharing on the easy-stress reliever ideas on birthdays, a area that we need to improve on. We have gotten into a bad habbit of, a extended family get together for all that "months" birthdays.It's okay, but maybe more personal would be better. Yes, I think that Cinnamon is right they have lego shaped pinata's!
    Have a blessed day and enjoy your weather... we are up to 3* wind chill -10 burr!

  5. My oldest Granddaughter is going to be eight in March. Maybe they should be pen pals (o: She is a great reader. Reads chapter books in nothing flat. My own children were not readers. I am!!! I read to them none stop and it should have rubbed off.

    Anyway, she always begs for a friend party, but her mom has a big family party with mostly adults. It is not my choice anymore and i love to just go and enjoy. She wants a Zuzu pet and i actually found one.

  6. Wyatt and my Monkey must be some sort of twins!!! LOL!

    Monkey is still struggling to read. But after stressing with McGee trying to read (he finally got it one month before his 8th birthday!)I'm trying to take it easy with Monkey. Dh is stressing more about the fact he can't read at the moment. I'm trying not to get stressed about his reactions!

    Monkey also just had a lego party last month! We did cakes shaped like lego bricks. I took a 9x13 cake and cut it into four bricks. Then I made mini muffin size cupcakes and 'glued' four of them upside down on each brick with icing. Then I put rolled icing over each one in a different color. Then I kind of roughly stacked them on a tray. It came out really well actually! I was quite pleased. :o)

    We did a really cool game with lego bricks. I put tons of basic lego bricks in a large bowl (no special shaped pieces - only bricks). Then each child/person was given a small bowl and a pair of chopsticks (we used the 'rookie' sticks that are attached at the top) and we had races with a timer to see how many pieces each person could pick up in one minute. At the end we added up everyones bowls and the one with the most was the winner.

    We also played 'musical lego bricks' by drawing six circles on a piece of construction paper with a sharpie marker and they had to stand on them like musical islands. We took one away each time just like in musical chairs.

    We then got the 'Robochallange' lego game which was also one of his presents and the kids took turns playing the game to build a robot. It was great fun!

    We also got some lego shaped cookie cutters and made paintbrush cookies. (when you paint the raw cookies with egg yolk paint before you back them - my Mom's recipe)

    He had a great party! I hope Wyatts goes just as well!! Have fun and don't stress about reading - they will get it when it clicks. And it WILL click one day - I promise! :o) Deedee