Saturday, January 23, 2010

Our oldest daughter is 21 today~

Mandi Marie
January 23, 1989

I remember .... we lived in Fallbrook, California. We were stationed there in the military. My parents flew in from Florida. Michael was so excited...
Mandi was 5 wks, Michael was 3.
We were on our way to our new duty station in Meridian, Ms. We were snowed in ... in Abeline, Tx~ in March!

I was so thrilled/thankful God had blessed us with a girl. Michael first... a son... and now a daughter. I can remember feeling so *favored* by HIM~

We heard tons of comments..... "you have the perfect family, a boy & a girl.. what else could you want?" My heart kept telling me "MORE!" I love being a mom. We believe children are a gift from Him....

When she was 4 yrs old her baby brother was born.... Dakota. She was not very happy~ she wanted a girl baby! She still remembers this.... we have it on video!

Mandi & Dakota 11/93

When she was 8 yrs old.... Mandi's prayer was answered and she became a big sister again but this time it was a girl!

Mandi & Alyssa 8/97 She was singing to her!

Mandi has blessed us more than we could ever imagine.... when she was 13 & 14 we welcomed Wyatt (our preemie baby) and seventeen months later our Wesley. She was a great helper. She loved being a little mom. Again the comments came "You couldn't do it without Mandi.... this is too much for Mandi....." but she loved it.. and they loved her! Our boys are still very attached to her. They are 6 & almost 8.... and this morning couldn't wait to tell her "Happy Birthday!"

Mandi with Wyatt 8/02

~ Wesley, Mandi & Wyatt ~

Today she is 21. Twenty-one years ago today I held her in my arms for the first time....Wow... time really does fly. It seems like yesterday she was 3.... 6.... 10, 13, 18.... and now 21. She continues to be my best friend. I am so thankful for her......

Mandi, Neybel & Aljane

Happy Birthday, Mandi..... we love you!!


  1. Happy Birthday Mandi!!!!


  2. Happy Birthday Mandi!

  3. She sounds like my eldest who is 15. I couldn't do what I do without her. Happy birthday to Mandi

  4. What a delightful post!!!!

    Happy Birthday, Mandi!


  5. Happy Birthday to your daughter. My girl was ten when I had my third child... a boy. It does work great to have a helper with the mind of a mother.
    Now at 24...he doesn't want her to mother him... at all. He is at a touchy age (o: