Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sharing some pics with you....

Thought I would show you some of our Christmas pics~ I know it is almost a month past Christmas... but with my slow computer takes me awhile to get them uploaded to my computer.

I know this looks like LOTS of presents..... but really it isn't. Small packages.... and Mike & Amber brought their gifts for us over.

This was the year for bikes.... Alyssa, Wyatt & Wesley.... wow, no more training wheels... and a ten speed....

Our "Happy Birthday, Jesus" cake... with one of our nativity sets. We like collecting them....

It is my aunt's apple cake..... I only make it during the holidays. Very good....

Alyssa looking at her new pictures of the Children of the World... with her "Give Hope" shirt.

Wyatt & Wesley with their new bikes.....

Alyssa & Mrs. Faye. She is so special to us. We went to see her and Dr. Pete during December. We were so blessed. I am so thankful that they love us and continue to encourage us.... they are like family to us. Dr. Pete was the pastor of our church for 15 yrs.... 8 yrs while we were there. She was is the movie "Fireproof" as the elderly nurse. My children think it is so neat to see "Mrs. Faye" in a movie!

Will post more pics ... in the next few days. Thanks for taking the time to stop by. I really like your comments.....

May God shine His face on you......


  1. Looks like a wonderful Christmas! We had a bike Christmas a couple of years ago - not sure if we are due for another soon though......they won't stop growing! LOL! - Deedee

  2. Great pictures!! I keep telling the kids that we need to put our Christmas stuff away but still haven't gotten around to it. Everybody really loves to wintery, sparkley stuff--but I'm afraid that something's going to get broken!

    I think that's really cool about your Mrs. Faye too. I showed Sarah the picture and she was able to recognize her too. Ah, to be "famous". Giggle! My kids are still jazzed about Scottie being in Lost even though he's always some really obscure figure. :-)


  3. It does lookk like you had a great Christmas. I love the birthday cake for Jesus idea!!! And wow it is pretty neat to have a friend in a movie! :)

  4. fun pictures
    I bet they love the bikes
    We saw the movie Fireproof and I remember her (o: