Thursday, January 14, 2010

Seeing the Good....

This is the second time I have written this post. I was working on it and downloading some pics~ when one of the children came by and exited....

funny thing is I was blogging about "seeing the good..... " hmmmm....

Several years ago I started keeping my gratitude journal.... or One Thousand Gifts ~ it really has changed my perspective on things. I catch myself thinking, looking around, seeing the *gifts* that God has given us. The simple things..... funny things, special things.... like the hugs of my children, the breeze in my face..... attitude of gratitude. At times I find myself grumbling and complaining.... and wondering why the kids are grumbling and complaining? God continues to give me grace.... as I strive to glorify Him in all I do.

Today is 2 1/2 yrs ago my Dad went to be with Jesus. We still miss him so much. It will be 2 yrs for my mom in May. The kids miss having grandparents. I am thankful that ALL of our children knew my parents.... (dh's parents died in their 60's and Wyatt & Wesley never met their Nana... but had two years with dh's dad. ) I am thankful my parents lived to be in their mid 80's.
We miss you, Papa, we know you are playing your guitar w/ Jesus!

We are also thankful for our adopted grandpa at church... Mr. Claxton. The three youngest love giving him hugs, bringing him goodies.... and they just soak up the LOVE he gives back. The adopted grandpa that I blogged about earlier this year... moved about 4 hrs away. His health wasn't good... and before we really became close... he moved. We still think of him when we pass his house on our way to church.

Just wanted to share a bit with you.....

May the JOY of the Lord be yours~


  1. Praying for you Teena! ((((HUGS)))) - Deedee

  2. My Mom died eight years her mid eighties...but she didn't get to see my first Grandchild. That hurts. My husbands parents are still here and we do get to see them.
    I agree with the adopting Grandparents. We did that at church too.

  3. Aww what a precious legacy

  4. Teena,
    My own Grandma passed away just this last October. She was 92. I hadn't seen her in a few years though when we saw her last she was doing well. Not too long after she fell and broke her hip and had to go into a nursing home. It was all downhill from there. I keep having dreams about her now. I'm so happy that she got saved in those last few years and she's awaiting my arrival in Heaven. I miss her a lot. She had such a country accent with some of her words. She called me Kirstina Lea reversing the ri in Kristina. And she was always "tar'd" not tired. :-) I miss her funny way of talking.

    My kids love hanging out with older people. We belong to a camping club (though with our RV down and out we can't go to many meetings anymore!) and my kids just love being there with all those older folks. :-)

    So which of our kids do you want to pair up??? ;-P


  5. I lost my best friend/sister, grandmother, Dad and Mom all in a year. It was the hardest year ever. I still miss them and it's been 10 years now.


  6. Teena, my emails to you are coming back undeliverable. Would you send me your correct email address?