Saturday, January 09, 2010

So we will see if this works~

On my computer at home. I think sometimes computer have a mind of their own. ~smile

It is working for the moment.

It is very cold here.... well, for South Georgia. Our weather may dip down in the 20's... but it NEVER stays there.... and sometime in January it MAY dip into the teens~ but everyone panics when it does. So this 20 degree weather... is really ..... different.

I am sitting here at the computer with my snuggie on~ lol. It was a gift from Mike/Amber for Christmas. It is very warm. All the littles try to get under it with me... when I am sitting on the couch.
Michael (our oldest) and his wife Amber

So today we have/had a day at home.... I told Wyatt & Wesley it could be a pajama day for them so they are still in their pjs. I can't remember ever doing this unless they were sick. Yes, I have lightened up as I am growing older (and maybe wiser ;) I made a big breakfast this morning. Scrambled & sunny side up eggs, grits (you do know what grits are, right?), & bacon. They loved it. I hardly ever do this. That is sad, huh? I do make cinnamon rolls, pumpkin bread often.... because I have a sweet tooth and think everyone else should too! Oh and I make pancakes often too~ more sweet! It was a late breakfast and so we finished up some simple chores and we are relaxing.

For a long time (through all last year) I kept thinking that 2009 would be a year of changes... not sure what but I just felt that. I can't think of BIG changes that took place in 2009. I do KNOW that 2010 holds some changes for us. Life will change.... of course life changes every day ... but I just know that I know. I have started journalling these thoughts down. I know He will walk with me.... and carry me at times. I am thankful for all that He has blessed me with. He continues to amaze me.... His faithfulness is great.... along with His mercy & grace.

I know you must be tired of hearing about the COTW~ but I promised I would show you some of the pics w/ Alyssa in them. This is at Burger King.... Alyssa in the red sweater and her friend Kate with the girls. These are the four girls (Neybel, Aljane, Pashi & Esther) she knows the best. She has even made them on the wii~

This is when our pastor called her up to the front. The last time they were here Alyssa wanted to do something for them. She raised $100 to help our church give them a well. Our church raised enough to dig a deep well in Africa ... to give water to 1000 people for 20 yrs. We didn't know he was going to call her up. She was suprised.

Watching them sing to the Lord..... is something Alyssa (nor I ) will ever forget. We continue to sing their songs..... it has shown us how much more we need to praise Him!

Pashi & Arnel

This is when Alyssa & I spent the night with our youth pastor, his wife, Christie & their daughter. We live too far to host a couple of the children so they invited us to their house so Alyssa could spend time with them. Alyssa & Esther playing before bed.

Christie is reading them a story then we prayed and said goodnight. They loved Barney.... and would sing the *Barney* song. Neybel said they had Barney in the Phillippines.

I can not say.... that I will not post more pics. I hope that is ok. We talk about them every day. The other day our copy of "Voice of the Martyrs" came in the mail. She immediately started reading about the restricted and hostile nations.... She has realized how blessed we are in North America to be able to worship and praise God. She has seen the mission field (so to speak) come to her..... it has enlightened both of us. She will never forget.... neither will I. I am thankful.

May you be blessed this weekend..... May God's grace fill you with peace~


  1. I love the picture of the kids raising their hands and praising. Brought tears to my eyes.

  2. It sounds like a lovely, relaxing day. We're having unusually cold weather too - freezing!!
    It is such a comfort, isn't it, to know that no matter what comes into our lives it first passes through the loving hands of our Father.
    The pictures are wonderful!

  3. Funny...we had almost the same breakfast today! Mike and I usually cook brunch on Saturdays. Today was scrambled eggs, grits, bacon and biscuits! LOL

    Love you!

  4. I for one don't mind the pictures at all! :o) If you go to the Voice of the Martyrs website there are some great kids workbooks about different countries in the world.

    They are quite extensive and informative. We have used them in unit studies with our geography/history study. Alyssa would probably enjoy them alot.

    Thanks for stopping by so faithfully! - Deedee

  5. I remember when my daughter was that age and loved any visiting group like that... little did I know she would be a missionary. For ten years she traveled all over the world with Team Expansion and lived for 2 years in Kabul Afghanistan. She just got married and i think she has settled in???
    Her younger brother also lived for a year in South America. You just never know (o:

  6. You caught that child devotion perfectly!