Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Not been here much....

I am sorry I haven't blogged in a while. I read other blogs where they blog every day and they are a great encouragement to me. I try to blog more but do not seem to do it.....

We are enjoying our days of school.... we have somewhat of a schedule worked out. I really love Heart of Dakota. We do a lot of reading. We read aloud and I am really enjoying that.

I love reading over at "Joel's Journey" Cindy is such an encouragment to me. Such a testimony of God's grace. I think and pray for them often.... and I am honored to have peeked into their journey with Joel. I love seeing how the children grow and all that they do. Just recently Cindy shared about Josiah & Joel's (who went to be with Jesus at age 3) birthday. It was a theme party.... the pictures are great and I just loved reading and looking. Also, about the balloons they let go.... hop over and read. It is hard to explain but God has used this family to encourage and strengthen me.

You all know how often I talk about Ann Voskamp's blog. I read her's faithfully. She speaks to my heart and I have gained lots of ideas, wisdom and peace from her blog. She too, makes me look to God.... as I walk my journey.

Don't forget LUKE.... we are still praying and knowing God is working... Sue and I were able to meet this summer and it was great. I think of them often and lift them up to the Lord. They have a wedding this coming weekend.... I am so excited for them.
I was reading.... an email I received from the Old School House Magazine.... about Nature + Education and it was so good. How we have lost the art of Nature walking..... Ann shares a lot of nature walks and her nature table on her blog. I walk each morning... before everyone is up... and it gives me time to refect... and refresh.

Today is the first day of FALL~


  1. I dearly love Ann's blog too Teena. It is a continually joy to me to see how this community of bloggers blesses one another. I don't think you have to blog every day. It's just nice to share the things we want to every once in a while.
    I hope your schooling is going well.

  2. Teena,
    Yeah, I'm having trouble finding time to blog too. I read a few blogs as often as I can--but right now things are just so hectic!!

    I did get your e-mail and I've been working on one back to ya. It's crazy but I'll get to work on it for a few minutes and then have to put it in my draft folder to take care of some little emergency that pops up!! Grrr... But hopefully I can finish it up and send it off very soon!! Sigh.

    Love ya!!