Friday, September 11, 2009

September is here.... school is rolling along.

Today was one of those rare days... where school just seems to go long but smooth.

As I have shared before we use Heart of Dakota with our 12 yr old, 7 yr old & 6 yr old. We love it. Today Alyssa and I started reading the book "Indian in the Cupboard." We laid on my bed and read. I had seen the movie years ago.... as we read we were laughing and enjoying the book. Our Wyatt came into the room ... started listening and before long was laughing too. A few minutes later Wesley came into the room started listening and before long all three of them were listening as we all cuddled on the bed.

Heart of Dakota covers every genre of literature.... we are in *fantasy* right now. I am so pleased with this curriculum as I see it all come together with Alyssa. We enjoy our read alouds.

Today in the boys Heart of Dakota we read about Jesus' miracles.

For our group devotion time.... we study our Awana, read some from "Then Sings My Soul," and we are reading "Hinds Feet on High Places." I just love it. It is speaking to me. Isn't it amazing how we do things that we believe will be good for our children and the Lord has it for us too!

Fall is on the way..... each morning it is cool. This past weekend as Mandi was home we said goodbye to summer.... we did some fireworks and sparklers....

I look forward to fall..... yankee candles burning, pumpkin bread baking..... oh the smells....

Cuddling up and reading together....


  1. Sounds like a great day at school! I'm ready for fall, too...looking forward to the Yankee candles!

    Love you,

  2. sounds like my kind of atmosphere, candles and the smell of baking.I enjoy fall too....somewhat in the midst of all the memories...I am seeking to anyways!!

    I am so grateful for your stopping bys, they bless me!!


  3. whats going on???? why the heavy heart?? will be praying for ya!!!