Sunday, August 23, 2009

God is our Refuge... our Redeemer.... our Strength

Lately I have been reading over at

The Lord has really been speaking to me.

We are getting back into the swing of things. Mandi's doing well at college. We all still miss her and she misses us.

About two years ago I started making a gratitude list..... I started writing my list on the computer but just recently changed to a small notebook so that I could jot things down as they came to mind. As I look back at my list..... and I look at my blessings it helps me to see the GIFTS He has blessed me with. Last year my children were complaining and fussing .... and I felt the Lord nudging me to make them do a gratitude list. I first heard of this at Ann's blog. So many have started doing this and Ann explains how this changes our way of living, our focus, even just the way we view things.

Because she says it so much better than I can..... she explains what this "gratitude list" can really do to each of us......

A few..... of my gifts.......

102. baking christmas goodies
103. snuggling under the covers... so warm
104. when the Holy Spirit uses me
105. His peace
106. my haven friends~
107. being able to sit and read the word
108. flowers blooming
109. laughing at old movies~
110. our green grass after several years of dirt
111. the smell of a newborn
112. an empty church
113. the trail to the pond
114. hearing our horse nay when coming back from my walk in the mornings
115. listening to my children read to me
116. when each child starts asking about Jesus
117. our special lunches in the woods
118. my friend in Tx.~
119. time at the park
120. memories... so many memories~
121. coming home after being away
122. feeling HIS presence....
123. the quietness in the early morning

So often life gets hard..... even overwhelming for us.... I have found if I will focus on the simple... jot down some simple things I am thankful for... His grace washes over me and I can smile and keep on keeping on.....

May you be encouraged today........

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  1. Thanks for the encouragment. I needed that today! :o) And thanks for visiting too. I'll try and update soon, life has just been soooo crazy!