Wednesday, August 19, 2009

As our school starts.....

The beginning of this week we started our 19th year of teaching our children at home. I am so thankful to be able to do this. It hasn't always been easy.... rather hard at times .... but always, always a gift from the Father.

We are blessed with six children. Two of our children have completed their home schooling. Our oldest is married to Amber and they are doing well. Our second child graduated from home school in 2007. She worked a few jobs, went to the tech. college for two semesters and this summer went to Ukraine on a mission trip. Last week I took her to the Baptist College of Florida. She is doing good. We really miss her around here.

So my students for this year 2009-2010 are~

Dakota 16 ~ 11th grade Abeka dvd program. He has Chemistry & Alg. 2 and neither were my strong points!

Alyssa 11 (until next week) ~ 6th grade. We use Abeka Math & Language and then we use Heart of Dakota (which I LOVE!) We are really enjoying this. We started HOD last year and she really *gets it* everything just goes together.

Wyatt 7~ 2nd grade. He's doing Abeka phonics/writing/language and math. Then we use Heart of Dakota~ Little Hearts for His Glory. Again we found this curriculum last year and I just love it. Everything is laid out and Carrie Austin does such a great job.

our youngest.... hard to believe he is already in first.

Wesley 6~ 1st grade. He is doing Abeka phonics/writing/language and math. He's also doing Heart of Dakota~ Little Hearts for His Glory along with Wyatt.

Our Wyatt has struggled with reading. It has been difficult. I have taught all of our children to read using Abeka's phonics program. Lots and lots of practice... waiting if they are not ready (which has always been difficult for me). I began to doubt myself and the curriculum with Wyatt's difficulties. I kept going over the vowels... slowing down as needed and adding in Explode the Code as a supplement. Still at the end of 1st grade he was reading short vowel words but with difficulty. I kept telling myself "it will click, it will click."

Wyatt came to me one Sunday morning before church and said "Mama, I do not want to bring my bible.... cause they ask us to read in Sunday school and I can't read. " My heart broke.

Wyatt started 2nd grade this week. I was torn whether to put him back into his 1st grade books (that he didn't finish) or start in his 2nd grade. I decided to try the 2nd grade... he was so excited about his new books! Wyatt's doing GREAT! He is reading and REMEMBERING....
thank you, Jesus!

As Wesley starts 1st grade ... I see that he is struggling some.... so I am breathing deep... asking God for His grace... as I feel myself growing tense and encouraging Wesley that he's doing great!

Why do we stress so over this? I have a 24, 20, 16, 11 yr old and they ALL read wonderfully.

Do I spend as much time stressing if we didn't read the word together, or pray together or laugh together....

Father, may I remember the awesome gift of being able to teach my children at home.... may we talk about You as we walk on the way, lie down and rise up.... May we bring glory and honor to You, Lord in all we do. May I remember that these days go so very fast ... and to laugh with them more.... pray with them more.... and read Your Word more with them. May they see You in me... Lord.... may I empty myself of pride and humble myself before You.... I praise You, Father... for You alone are worthy....


  1. Teena,
    I sent you an e-mail and just want to verify that you get it. I don't think my previous e-mails have gotten through. Let me know if you don't get it!!
    Love ya

  2. One of the huge blessings of Homeschooling is the individual attention you can give those precious children.
    I pray grace, strength and wisdom for you as you begin another year of school. You are doing a wonderful job!

  3. Hey Teena,

    Way to go, you have done a great job homeschooling your children. I too can relate to having a child who is struggling to read. It breaks my heart at times to realize that he is having such a hard time.

    I'm sure it has been so quiet there lately with Billy and Mandi gone. I hope that you are able to find some time to do something fun.

    Love ya,