Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What it is all about.....

On Monday.... our 5th child.... Wyatt asked Jesus to be his Savior!

His oldest brother (24) posted this on his twitter~

[mike price- lil bro, wyatt(7), professed jesus today. not many things cooler than that.]

God is good........... ONE more... and THEN.... my half dozen will be with me and my Dad and Grandmother in heaven one day...

My Wyatt made the most important decision of his life on Monday..... may He be a mighty man for God.... may he walk humbly....

Rejoice with me~


  1. Praying that your little guy will follow in the footsteps of our savior all of his life and be a blessing to all of those around him!! Yay!! I have a new "little brother" in Christ!!

    Are you getting any of my e-mails?? Just curious. :-)

    Love ya!

  2. I absolutely rejoice with you. What a priceless gift - to know our children love the Lord.

  3. Praising with you and the angels!!! Whoo Hoo!!! That is truely great news! May he also be the one to lead his Daddy into the same relationship with our Saviour! - Deedee

  4. Praising our Lord with you...they (our children) are the only thing we get to take to Heaven with us...thank you, Jesus!

  5. I would love to meet your daughter! I know a few people at the the Baptist college. I also help in the youth and we reach out to the college. I will have to meet your daughter and take her to lunch one day!
    This weekend was such a blessing and it's so neat that you both got to hear it! God is so good!
    I am excited for your little boy!

  6. How wonderful about Wyatt!!! Oh, how my heart prays earnestly and pleads his mercy upon our younger children too. So thankful that He says "let the little children come." Sounds like you had a great time at the conference as well. I too have several specific things I am making importune prayer on, like the widow that keeps coming back and asking and does not give up.....we must be like that.