Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Making more memories....

This past Saturday I had to run to Lowe's to get a few things. I remembered that they were having a workshop for kids. I woke the boys....

"Boys, want to go with Mama to the Home Building store?" I said.

"yes." they said.

I didn't tell them about the workshop.... wanted to surprise them.

We left everyone else asleep.... my olders like to sleep in on Saturday.

When we arrived at the store I said....

"BOYS, look they are having a building workshop... do you think MAMA KNEW and wanted to SURPRISE you?"

They looked a little confused.

They loved it.

Thank you to their helper, Chris. Thank you to Lowe's for offering this twice a month to our children. They made a treasure chest... received a badge and apron.... FREE!

They begged to go back.... and we will. On the 24th of July they will make helicopters!

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