Friday, July 10, 2009

Welcome Home Mandi!

As we waited.... and waited....

I promised I would share with you about Mandi's mission trip to Ukraine. Thank you all for praying. She has been home now for over a week. The boys were so excited to see her. She brought gifts to all of us. One of our favorite things is this

Matryohska Dolls~ aren't they cute?

A little book we may buy about our new found treasure

As a side note... our Alyssa (11) reads the American Girl books. While we were at the beach she bought the newest book "Meet Rebekah" it is about a little girl that is from Russia that moves to NY. We thought it was so neat that this book came out and we bought it at the same time Mandi was in Russia! Oh and Rebekah has a Matryoshka doll! How cool is that....

ok ... so back on track...

Her plane was delayed four times! We spent a lot of time waiting.... (and I will post another story about what we did while we waited in another post).... They left Keiv, Russia two hours late because of engine trouble! That caused them to miss their flight in New York... so they had to take a later flight. After boarding that plane.... something was wrong so they had to switch planes. She FINALLY arrived in Atlanta at 1:35AM! I woke the boys up.... (they were asleep on the benches... waiting) and we watched for her to come up the stairs!

Here she comes..... here comes Mandi.....

First question.... Wesley said "Mandi, why do you have socks on your feet with your flip flops?" she said "I was freezing on the plane!"

Thank you, Father for allowing Mandi this awesome trip.... for making the way.... for bringing her safely there and safely home. We praise You and give You all the glory~


  1. Hi Teena,
    I am so delighted to meet you. Thank you for your very sweet, encouraging note. I am always so overwhelmed to know that someone is praying for me. What a blessed privilege.
    My heart is filled with sunshine today. Thank you for your prayers.
    I loved your post about your daughter's arrival home. How relieved and how proud of her you must be. It is such a joy to see our children grow to love and serve the Lord.
    I am looking forward to getting to know you and your precious family better.
    Thank you again Teena.

  2. Oh, Teena,
    It brings such a happiness to my heart that your family would spend time sharing /viewing Joel's story again. Its still hard and I guess it will just never not be in this life. Sometimes the pain is so fresh as things come during the day, like to see Siah doing something and just wondering what it would be like to have Joel right there beside him. I can not say it in words what it means to me to have you watch the DVD again, thank you!

    So glad your daughter made a safe journey and those little wooden dolls are so cute, I have always thought they were neat.


  3. I am so sorry about your Dad Teena. My Dad is a WWII Vet. too. He is 89, and I know how blessed we are to still have him with us.
    I think finding that letter was like a precious gift from him. It makes writing our blog posts and keeping Journals that much more significant. Perhaps some day they will bless someone or touch a heart.
    I so appreciate your sweet comments.
    I pray that Jesus will comfort You with His peace and gentle love.