Saturday, July 18, 2009


Aren't they beautiful? We planted a very small circle of sunflowers this spring.... it has taken them the longest time to bloom. They kept growing taller and taller. They are almost as tall as I am.... 5'5".

Couple of weeks ago our miniature horses walked through our Sunflower Circle and knocked over several of them. They fell flat. I was sad. One of the tallest ones were knocked over. They were not broken off but I was pretty sure they wouldn't live.

This morning as I finished my walk.... I decided I would sit in the swing that faces the small sunflower circle ... in our front yard. I was reading my bible & journaling. I stopped and looked at the sunflowers.... I smiled.

Two of the tall sunflowers have bloomed. The ones that were flat... had blooms and it is so funny because they grew flat and then CURVED up towards the SUN. I thought this was so neat.

Even though they were knocked down, almost broken and crushed they continued to grow and then still grew UP towards the sun....

Isn't that how we all are... or should be? Even though we are knocked down, almost broken and sometimes crushed.... we continue to grow and point towards the SON! Atleast that is what we should be doing... it was a wonderful picture of how desperate those sunflowers were to point to the sun...

I know this may seem silly.... but I needed this reminder this week.... to remind me to stay focused, look to HIM, and draw near. Remember the hymn....

Turn your eyes upon Jesus....
look full in His wonderful face
and the things of earth will grow
strangely dim in the light of His
glory and grace.

May your weekend be blessed~


  1. We too have enjoyed our sunflowers, ours are almost ready to harvest. I saw that as well, in the morning the flower heads were pointing east and by evening their heads followed the sun and were turned west. Nature holds simple and profound truths at the same time. Thank you for the encouragement with the DVD, it does bring a comfort to know one more person has seen Joel's story! How did the peaches turn out up there?

  2. Teena,
    It's so true, we need to stay focused on Him(God) and draw near, sometimes it can get hard with busy schedules. But we must try with all of are strength.
    This is Suzanne, When does the homeschool group start up?

  3. That's beautiful, Teena. And so true. A very good analogy.