Monday, May 04, 2009

Our new project...

We are bottle feeding four kittens. Our oldest daughter Mandi is mostly. I help her some. The mama cat went missing, and Mandi found the kittens. The vet said they were about four weeks old. That was two weeks ago, today they started eating cat food!

I have realized yet again how very important "mamas" are. I know that may sound silly but even a mama cat.... is the best thing for her kittens.

The Lord continues to show me just how much my children depend on me. Long ago I heard something that has really stayed with me.

"As moms we set the tone in our home."

How important it is for me to be a wife and mother. I am so very thankful God has allowed me to be the joyful mother of children. I truly believe HE has commanded me to be JOYFUL. I want to laugh MORE with my children.

Take time with them today.... laugh, read, enjoy this wonderful gift God has given us.... our children.


  1. Hi Teena,
    I just HAD to come over HERE and say "way to go, that's great, super fantastic!!!!!!" WOW, that is alot to loose. I know you feel soooo much better and to keep going is wonderful. Keep it up!! It is a challenge for sure but it is amazing to think of myself with the weight I have lsot back on....I still do not consider my self little by any means but to have all that back....arg!!!! Thanks for sharing and may the Lord be glorifies through your diligence as you get to share your testimony with them!!!

  2. You are right! He has commanded us as mothers to be joyful. And I saw something in an article that I was reading the other day in your copy of The Old Schoolhouse. Remember at the ballfield? It was about being a joyful mama and it really hit me hard. That I have let Satan steal my joy! He has given me so much to be joyful about, and even if He hadn't, he still commands us to be joyful. I have to remind myself that my joy does not depend on my cirmcumstances, but on my relationship with Him! I really want to be a Joyful Momma!


  3. Thanks for letting me know about your new blog. It is lovely! And the kittens, wow. We took care of a baby robin last spring for several weeks. Feeding it every 20 minutes for several days was pretty amazing. One of my daughters became its surrogate mother. We all learned a lot. :)

    Yes, we do set the tone, sometimes the wrong tone, but we keep trying to do better. Thanks for all the encouragement!

    Homeschooling Is Life!