Saturday, May 09, 2009

Blessed to be a Mom

I bought some flowers today. My husband gave the children some money so that they could buy me some flowers. I picked out two hanging baskets of flowers, some potted flowers for my strawberry pot, and a bird feeder. I like planting things in my yard. We have a small garden.

As I walk each morning I really enjoy seeing the growth, seeing the birds and hearing them. Most mornings the ground is still wet... and there is a breeze.

This morning I walked to the end of our road (use to be dirt but is paved now)~ at the end of our road is a cemetery. I often go there and look around. I know that may seem strange but death is part of life.... and the past several years I have had to say goodbye to some very special people. I look at the dates... and wonder what kind of legacy they left behind.

This will be my first Mother's Day without my mom. It is sad.... she died May 25th of last year. My sister spent Mother's Day with her. I chose to stay here (Mom lived in Florida and I in Georgia) with my children. Sometimes I wish I would of went to see her on her last Mother's Day.

My sister is a widow and never had children.... I think of her a lot on Mother's Day. I know it is a hard day every year for her. This year will be one of the hardest for her as she will miss Mom and be alone.

A dear friend of mine..... went to be with Jesus six months ago. It is her children & husband's first Mother's Day without their Mom. I miss Sandi.

As we celebrate Mother's Day..I thank God for my children. Ps. 113:9 talks about the barren woman being the JOYFUL mother of children. I am so very thankful the Lord allowed me the gift of children. I am thankful for this life He has given me....

~ My children~

May each of you... be blessed this Mother's Day. If you are hurting and missing someone know that God is the God of comfort.... He will wrap His love around you.

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  1. you have a beautiful family. I found you somehow through someone elses blog. Blessings-