Monday, May 11, 2009

Our adopted Papa....

For almost two years now we would see him in Burger King alone. He would speak to us, speak to some friends of ours. His weathered skin reminded me of my Dad. How I still miss my Dad so... I know in just a few days it will be 22 months since my Dad went to be with Jesus... but my heart still aches.

We drive 23 miles one way to church, baseball games, basketball games..... one day I saw this man in the yard of a house we were passing on our way to church. I realized that him and his wife use to sit on the porch and rock.... I realized I've passed this house for the past 14 yrs.

Asking around.... I was told that his wife had died and that he went to a local church. Each and every time I would pass his house I would be reminded of him... wondering how I could or if I should ...... I wondered how he was doing, if he was lonely, if he had children, grandchildren....

I didn't see him for a while ..... then one day as I was passing his house he was in the yard.... I slowed down, rolled the window down some, waved and smiled. He waved back. About a week later I was pulling into Burger King and he was coming out the door. I stopped rolled the window down and spoke to him.

The Lord kept allowing our paths to cross..... what do you want Lord? How?

In April I went with a group to see the Passion Play. On the way home we stopped at Cracker Barrel. I shared with two ladies (that went with us that I had never met before) that there was this elderly man... that we wanted to *adopt* ~ explaining that my children do not have any living grandparents, or great grandparents. I explained where he lived asking if they knew him. One lady said "yes!" She told me that he had one son who lived about 4 hours away and no grandchildren. She told me he was a very lonely man. I told her what we wanted to do and she thought that was a great idea.

So the week of Easter the children and I made a Easter bowl for him. We put Easter grass, bananas, apples, candy & a card explaining/introducing us. When we went by ... he was gone. We left it under the carport. About a week later we stopped and knocked on the door. We told him we were the ones who left the basket. The children gave him hugs. We told him we wanted to adopt him. It was awkward. He was grateful.

We have stopped two other times. Just for a couple minutes.

Each time we pass his house now.... one of my three youngest will ask if we can stop. We are not sure what to call him.... Mr. H.... Papa H....

Tonight we saw him in Walmart. He was thrilled to see us. The three youngest gave him hugs. Mandi (oldest daughter, who hasn't been with us to visit) smiled and hugged him.

My heart aches that my two little boys do not have a grandpa..... there is something about grandparents.... my Dad with my boys 2003

I have thought about asking Mr. H to come to one of the boys t-ball games.... maybe I should of invited him to their award ceremony.....

He is in his late 70's or early 80's.

Why is this so awkward?

I am thankful for our adopted Papa.....

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  1. Teena,
    Your post made me cry. (Seems I'm kind of emotional these days) I was thinking that someday I will be old (God willing) and though I hope to never be alone, it could happen. I hope that a nice family would take interest in me as well.

    Men have a hard time expressing their feelings--so even though it might be a bit awkward, I'm sure he really appreciates the interest. I know that the Lord will give you all sorts of great ideas to include him in your life if that is His will.
    Love ya!!